Spooky stories


I rather liked Jim’s storytelling this evening, kept the suspense and showed a sense of humour we have missed recently!


The Jim actor did it well, but the ‘Robert being spooked’ thing was utterly ridiculous. Not sure where the suspense you mention came from: the ‘story’, once launched, was entirely predictable.

This week really has been the pits.
Oh, and Robert Snell is one of those most contemptible of creatures - a male simperer. Ugh.


Inviting comparison with MR James was pushing it a bit.


Agreed, Robert added nothing, but I enjoyed Jim’s contribution to my Halloween evening.


“Comparable to Tolkien at his best”?


Yes he did it as well as it could be done but I couldn’t agree more that it was predictable, I just wanted him to get to the end and get it over with.

I did find myself wondering if this was part of another attempt to attract younger listeners - as in sub-teenage listeners. I’m sure I would have loved it when I was about 10.


I was aware that the previous person who had gone on about the MR James test (which doesn’t seem to appear anywhere else if you put it into a search engine) was the editor Jeremy Howe, when he was working in a previous job for the BBC. This made me lose any respect I might have had for this particular script-writer: sucking up has always seemed to me to be bad form.


Oh, Fishy, you are so right - as always ;- )

Brodrick is a blot and a pill, and I propose a restraining order forbidding him from coming within 10m of a keyboard.


(a pedant writes:) I found the same (one and only) reference, and wasn’t surprised in the least to see that Mr. HoweTheHellDidHeGetTheEditor’sJob got the title wrong! (It’s “Oh, Whistle And I’ll Come To You, My Lad!”) :thinking:


It may have been a sub-editor rather than him, to be fair to the man.