Superficial Burns


Harrison to his friends


And now “Full Thickness Burns”. Even more apposite


Nah, they weren’t talking about him at that point. It was ‘Full-Thickness Burns’ for his name-check.


Snap! (Just got to that bit :slight_smile: )


Poor bloody Lynda: manhandled around the place by Freddie when she had full thickness burns, a collapsed lung and a broken pelvis. He will have done all of those No Good At All hauling her about.


Indeed not. Hurrah!


I have just listened to it

Another thing struck me

If Freddie has only been in Orsepiddle for 1 night, how does he have cards & flowers to carry home ?

No Orsepiddles in these parts allow flowers…



But he’s an ARCHER. Well, in the maternal line. It’s like cancellations.

No, that is a very good point. I was too preoccupied with wanting him to ask if he could go home with Auntie Shula instead to have been as incensed as I should have…

Oh, and as he IS going home with dear Mummie, what of the Lower Poxley licence? Doesn’t really matter, though, people can always have a drink at Grey Ga… oh hang on :wink:


A query which was raised by yon Fish, to give credit where it is due.


…oooo, er… … someone’s neck perchance? (…I haven’t LAed yet!)


I’ve been calling him that for years.


Yes. Hence ‘name-check’ as opposed to ‘ooh, that would be a good name for the Plod otherwise known as Plank’.