Surely Will would enjoy The Sound Of Music?


Doe, a deer, a…



I really did laugh out loud at that!


Are you not thinking of Adam? He is the one with deer that he kills.


Wouldn’t culling be part of the gamekeeper’s remit?


No. It never has been, anyway.

Will doesn’t slaughter cows or sheep for people either; the deer are just another such farm animal. They don’t get culled; they get slaughtered for market, which is not quite the same.


The OP still made me laugh.


Ah, right. I always assumed it went along with the shoot and the fishing lake, which would be Will’s responsibility—inter alia (remember Josh and the crayfish?)

Do they still have the fishing lake, incidentally?


Stuff you need to dump, is it?


Not me - just wondering where this soggy mass of PostIt notes came from…


Culling the crayfish, with a high-powered scoped rifle?


There are far worthier candidates…


The crayfish were in the Am, or possibly in Heyden Brook, and because the fishing there is his business to police came under Will’s jurisdiction. The fishing lake is also his problem; when Eddie took to poaching trout from it William was mortified.

The interesting thing is that he seems to have the nauseating Martyn Gibson as a boss, which since he lives in a house belonging to Home Farm and is in charge of the Home Farm fishing lake and shoot is a little mysterious. And that Gibson proposed to evict him from a house which belongs not to Borchester Land but to Brian is equally a load of old foetid dingoes’ kidneys, really.