That was stupid, Brian


Also utterly unlike him.


Painfully ppoor writing and characterisation tonight. And some pretty crap acting too, particularly from the three old dames.


Unsurprising, given this week’s SW. Haven’t seen his name attached to anything else on R4, so maybe Jeremy Howe doesn’t rate him either? We can but hope…


It’s soap cliché number one: characters talking at cross purposes with one of them not letting the other get a word in. These scenes are coming thick and fast these days: we’ve just had a similar one between Pip and Ruth when Pip informed her mother that she was going to let everyone else, including Ruth, take care of her baby for her. I did rather love that Ruth was a so gobsmacked at Pip’s calm assumption, particularly the way Ruth instantly tried (vainly) to discourage Pip from diverting Jill from her proper job at Brookfield.

I find I don’t want Brian humiliated by being voted off the board so I’m not thrilled that he has pissed off Justin and risked losing his vote (which he may not have had in the first place).


Justin is a grade-A shit, and was already proposing to vote against Brian, in collusion with his utterly untrustworthy stooge Annabelle – who has been known to shaft Brian before, as we all know. Of the people to approach, she would have been low on my list had I been Brian, and I certainly wouldn’t have picked a quarrel with Justin!


They should have remembered Annabelle’s part in the (illegal) takeover. Another priority for the incoming Ed should be the restoration of the archive.


Nor would Brian, if he were acting in character!


Now, now, joe, don’t you remember all the explanations from kind and expert souls as to why the takeover was not illegal, perfectly normal, done it themselves three times before breakfast, etc?
Well, then.

A restoration of the archive would be a splendid thing, but I’m not holding my breath. It would cost money.


Reinstating a dedicated archivist would cost money, but the archive itself still exists, and is still presumably maintained - at least in so far as adding the episode synopses. As it’s been computerised "since the early 1990s"1 the SWs presumably have access and are expected to consult it themselves; it wouldn’t harm them to do a bit of work for their £947 per episode.



As Joe says, they have an archive, on computer, and all the file-cards were transcribed. What he needs to restore is indeed an archivist, who knows what is in the archive and has time to check if s/he doesn’t know off-hand. One more salary is not the end of the world.

And he needs to tell the scriptwriters and people at the biannual scripting conferences that they must consult the archive when they are planning their storylines and scripts.