The eternal question of bedrooms


But where is Johnny moving from and to? To Wills place, I think he said, but where does Will live since he quit his job and lost the cottage? And whose mattress has he borrowed? Surely no-one in Ambridge has a bedroom without at least one person laying claim to it?!?


Grange Farm, which the fool Stirling is continuing to let to the verminous crew.

Johnny? One loses track.


“Will’s place” in this context means number 1 The Green, which belongs to Will. He had evicted Hannah and Johnny because he thought he needed it to house his parents, but now they (and he, and his daughter) are living at Grange Farm indefinitely he needs the income from it instead.

Johnny was taking the mattress from (presumably) his room at Bridge Farm, which must be where he has been sleeping. I am surprised he was allowed it: Helen must need it for one of her children.


Is 1 The Green let furnished or unfurnished?

Can Johnny afford to rent it alone?

If not who is sharing with him?

Gawds these games of musical bedrooms exhaust this poor old bat of a listener


And once again we ask what became of Valley Farmhouse and all the Porkhurst / Cowditz staff apartments?


After a long hiatus (also known as still having a job with boring tasks to complete that are harder than I thought they would be for ageing brain) I am back again and pondering the many questions raised by The Reporter in my absence - its been all I can manage to keep up with TA - Ooooohhh Jakob!!
But this house sharing thing is indeed interesting - where is Horrible Hannah living - and you are right No 1 The Green has at least three bedrooms (does it have a downstairs loo does anybody know?) so how can JOhnny who has only just finished his farming apprenticeship (if that) afford the rent??? Will is back a Grange Farm for sure which must have lots of bedrooms an dloos so less worried about him but I cannot see Jakob bringin up baby in a Yurt so we have a new housing crisis on our hands.
I suggest Pre-Fabs are the answer…


And Jenny and Brian only have TWO bedrooms (or maybe 2.5 at most) …they need to get ont\o Rightmove as they seem to have abandoned househunting totally…


The editor’s brain is very small and can only juggle a few things at a time.

(Or maybe that’s what they think of the listeners.)


Why a crisi?
Even assuming there is a baby and Jakob will have anything to do with it, which is quite the assumption, we don’t know anything much about his flat. We do know he is a vet in stable employment (urgh, that was inadvertent, sorry) and could probably find alternative accommodation if necessary


well they are right in my case - it is shrinkign fast and the Reisling does not help - ALDI delivered a job lot more yesterday…


But Vets aren’t that well paid - not like GPS and toothyankers who are minted these days - I reckon it is probably a 2 bedroom flat so they will be OK for a while (he doesn’t seem to have many mates other than Chris who doesn’t come for sleepovers) …and OF COURSE he will “own” the baby - he was begininin to get broody when they looked at the baby pics in Naming Ceremony Book recently - - but he might not want to co-parent with Kate though…she must be 45 or so - we are talking Cherie Blair here aren’t we…Jenny will be thrilled.
Anyway Gavin needs a home - he could share with Hannah?? Unless he cops off with Emma and they roost together…unlikely but she found him easy to talk to the other night…no-one else in The B @ Ambridge at the time though - I must get back to Aunty Chris and her investment loss though…


I wouldn’t be so sure. Although this is of course Ambridge, where all the men are bizarrely fond of babies (highly unnatural if you ask me).
It is to be hoped for everyone’s sake that what we have here is a perimenopausal wind egg rather than an embryo - and if the latter, that it is not viable.
Since Kate is in her early forties there is a good chance of her eggs being pretty addled.


Eeeeyukkk - perimenopausal wind eggs are a horrible thought and all I can say is that I am very glad I have already had my breakfast
You are right about the men and babies actually - it is a bit strange - I mourn the late Caroline Bone - she had the right attitude to the wretched things …Usha too…


Or as Kate calls it, “advice”.


…well, there’s always t’card-board-box in t’middle of t’road! :wink:


Increase taxes on planning gain and the likes of Justin Elliott and build Ambridge some modular pre-fab social housing …a political winner for sure - come on Emma - earn your votes…


Talking of the AntiChris, might the state of her mattress have been a hitherto unconsidered factor in her reluctance to return to The Lodge?

Hilda Davis Ogden is Innocent.