The playlist incident reminded me…


…of something I meant to ask about at the time of the trial*.

That song was playing, according to Rob, on “the night I gave you my son”. From Helen’s reaction, it was pretty clear that marital rape was something he’d not done before. Yet at the trial, she claimed it was a regular occurrence—a claim supported by Jess’s “evidence”. So how could he be so sure that was the occasion she was impregnated?

*Helen’s, that is—the listeners’ is ongoing…


A good question.
Maybe he was taking her temperature daily to time the inaugural event just right. Dozy bint wouldn’t have noticed, or thought he was just so concerned about her well-being…


Maybe he played it whenever he raped her to begin with? After all, there would be a fairly small time during which rape might have resulted in her being impregnated.


Maybe she was only allowed to listen to one song, because anything else might give her dangerously independent ideas.