The rewilding land fairy


Has landed in Borcetshire Land estates…


Spluttering old fool.
Too much to hope that a rightly infuriated and confused Ruby savages him before the board meeting happens, I suppose


One can hope that Martyn Gibson produces good solid figures about the matter.


Why did the Dopeys do that? Feckin’ eejits.


Never mind, it was only 12 acres. It’s the BL Rewilding Fairy who has the real power that I fear.

But yes, feckin’ eejits.


It’s the Fairy fluttering her wings

The Dopeys’ gesture enthuses the BL board as much as Justin will


I haven’t yet heard it

Not sure if I can cope, TBH…



I am confused - is rewilding a pro-EU storyline? In which case should I like it as I consider Brexit a bad word? It’s tough because I can’t sympathise with Pip or Pheobe, they are literally begging around town - which doesn’t shine bright on their initiative!


When people are expected to appreciate something artistic just because of its politics, that usually leads to supremely bad art. See for example in the US “Christian” film- and music-making, where sales are pretty much guaranteed because there’s so little of either that the more toxic sort of church leader will approve of.


It’s Phoebe, as in ‘amoeba’: that simply can’t be a coincidence…


Don’t give them ideas! The thought of her multiplying…



The Three Stooges ride again.

Why do they have other characters telling us how intelligent/impressive someone is when that someone is written as a phoeble-minded skoolgurl?


Because they’re not capable of showing us someone intelligent/impressive?


The classic “write about what you know” problem…


Their idea of bardroom intrigue is pretty damned vague, too - and if there’s one thing the BBC does have, it’s internal politics. So it is just sub-crap writing.


Do they debate “Andrews”?




I like the idea of a bardroom. Bert ousts Idiot, Gibson et al


The only drawback with that is, um, Bert and having to hear him.