The rewilding land fairy


We could get lucky. We were spared (most of) Ode To Smelly Joe, after all.


Indeed! (…pauses) (…thinks!) :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

…ah! @Gus & @joe here’s the perfect antidote (…to both Ambridge’s Bard & TheKaledonianKlown):


And now Justin (and co) seem to think it’s going to make enough money to warrant their making a claim on it. Where is this money coming from? Have I missed the point entirely? Should we all be getting paid for allowing our lawns to turn to wasteland?!


Kara, I heard DID, which actually explained rewilding

It takes years

It takes courage

One needs a source of income…




NOT years of Phoeble being the best business woman evvah!

Radio defenestration would be a hazard for local birds here


They’d better learn to dodge then, because short of a tragic latté-related accident at Salford I think we’re stuck with it.


And. It all makes sense. (Not why we would be interested in the storyline, but why Justin is)


Except it doesn’t, because planning permission doesn’t work that way. Though to be (more than) fair to TBTB, a C+ for effort.


It makes no sense whatever, because allowing some reweeders to use land in Ambridge will would not be regarded by the planning authorities as relevant to grubbing out a wood in Farndale.

But in the cloud-cuckoo-land inhabited by the Archers editorial team this tosh will help the plot along.