The Robert Snell in my head would never say…


“it’s gunna be a tough sell”. Neither the words nor the accent. Who is this impostor?


Having Robert Snell in yer head at all cannot be a good thing. Remember, he perves at the likes of you, wiv binoculars.
And he has not yet taken an axe to his wife: not the sort of chap one wants to give cranium-room to, really


That’s all right, we can look back.

I’ve been saying for years that people ought just to say “no, Lynda” when she starts the Panto Thing, but making that into a sudden plot point doesn’t seem to be working. Maybe because it is so sudden.


I think he may have been making reference to whatever it is Lynda is planning.


Ditto—but not so politely


Has she ever tried to cast Robert?


He prudently made himself invaluable backstage, early on!


Carpentry. Hmmm, A.R.S.E.D…
Feel that he could have deployed hammer and nails to better effect.