The single stupidest thing?

It’s a strong field, my darlings, but what is the single stupidest/most unlikely detail that we are being required to swallow for the current storylines to work?*

Urgh or, rather, erg: I mean for a given value of ‘work’, obviously…


I think possibly that Clarrie would have allowed Greenwood Cottage to become a midden in less than a week, and also that she did not visit Will and tidy the place up on Sunday 4th when she will not have been at work, instead asking his ex-wife to pop in and do it on Monday 5th. Her giving the key with which Will had entrusted her to somebody else in order to facilitate this is an added bonus absurdity.


All of the above do strain credulity but not quite as far, for me, as the fact that Brian:

  1. was so broke way back when he was simultaneously rolling in it that he allowed dumping for the money; that he might have been happy to have the dip filled in with rubble and taken some payment for it, on the other hand, wouldn’t be a problem
  2. notwithstanding 1,that he had suspicions that ‘nasties’ were being dumped and did nothing about them at the time
  3. even if 1 & 2 had in fact been the case (which they wouldn’t have been) that at this late stage and after being really quite convincing about the absurdity of the idea that he would knowingly allow his own land to be poisoned, suddenly 'fessing up (sorry) to his generally-loyal-but-inclined-to-be-wittery-and-impulsive wife

I agree that is codswallop of a high order, but it cannot be proved to be completely untrue.

Brian telling Jennifer is totally out of keeping; having kept silent this long he absolutely would not have blown the gaff to her now.