The upside of the pox


Ickle Keira’s dose of it may well have lost her mother the chicken-strangling gig - she didn’t make it to her shift, did she? And knowing tbtb’s inability to resist laying it on with a trowel, well…


…well, always look on the bright side - it’s might be a previously unknown strain of bubonic-plague, and with any luck might spread like wildfire through the village and environs, perhaps wiping out the whole of Borsetshire? (…well, even an Oriental rat flea can dream! :thinking: )


Or, slightly less ambitiously, has Keira seen Henwee lately? I’d suggest that he could then pass it on to Helen as shingles but you need to be in contact with a person to pass it on, so more likely Poor Old Tony or Pat would get it.


I was partly right, no shifts next week :laughing: