Tim Stimpson

Apparently when people went to the “Access All Area” event which was part of the recent Birmingham Weekender Festival, Stimpson was one of the people at the Archers Q&A session, with a producer and two of the actors.

I do hope this doesn’t mean he will be coming back from EastEnders; he was responsible for Flood Week, the first rape scene, the jury-room rubbish, and no doubt other things which I have expunged from my memory as not much cop. He might be ok as a television scriptwriter, but for radio he is too visual a thinker, to my mind.


They obviously didn’t want him around on EE once they’d got shot of the dire SO’C.


Yes, but who’d invite him to come back? Poor judgement, I feel, if they did.


I’ve just had a scan of his twitter feed:


and while he’s happy to talk about TA he hasn’t mentioned writing for it since the start of this year.


I notice that he is happy to describe himself as “Deputy Chair of the Writers’ Guild” in his blurb about himself, even though he put up a tweet reading

Tim Stimpson‏ @tim_stimpson Sep 13
Just finished my term as @TheWritersGuild Deputy Chair. So proud of what we’ve achieved over the last 3 years. I shall miss it! #wggbagm

and is therefore no longer holding that position.