Tomorrow, Elizabeth


will be keeping up her new-found need to butt into other people’s affairs by telling Oliver about the Tracy rumours.


Part of me thinks it would be a fun storyline if it now transpires they are indeed a couple! Everyone telling him he’s made a terrible decision etc, she is just after his money and him saying he doesn’t care because she makes him laugh!


“Also the sex is great. Something you might not remember, Elizabeth.”


Oliver actually said she makes him laugh this evening! But sadly denied the relationship.


Well predicted! And did you notice how she wriggled out of saying it was Freddie who told her?


That is one of the very few things I find it hard to blame her for. Annoyingly


It’s true that if she’d dobbed him in, I’d instantly have said what a perfect storm of a blabbermouth she is. What with betraying Ruairi’s confidence and spoiling Oliver’s fun already on her tab, making trouble between Freddie and Oliver would have been a hat trick!

Still, I generally put it down to her being a nasty sneak, not altruism vis à vis Freddie. She’d take any criticism of Freddie as a reflection on her.


Certainly a nasty sneak.

I hope Shula tears her off a mighty strip for it: we know she is capable of it after Elizabeth allowed Freddie to ride a horse Shula told him he couldn’t and he fell off it. Shula was absolutely furious and told her off good and proper. Most satisfactory.


Until Elizabeth cried and played the Nigel card. Unfortunately. Unless I’ve remembered it wrong. But I am pretty sure she cried about how hard it was being a single mother to her poor, fatherless children.

But I agree the telling off part was good. Only they never leave it at that, sadly. Similar with Kirsty and Helen. Took years, but eventually Kirsty apologised that Helen had been a rubbish friend to her.


Everyone apologises to Helen eventually. I suspect it’s because waving a carving knife about makes so sound in the radio…


That must be it. Ian apologised, and if anyone can recognise a lethally sharp knife, it would be Chef Ian.


The anger and the telling-off lasted for two days, and than Elizabeth went to apologise to Shula…

Lowfield, Sunday 2nd September, 2012
Shula calls an ambulance and Freddie goes to hospital. Luckily the only damage is a broken collarbone, and Freddie is allowed home. Shula tells Elizabeth how stupid she was to allow Freddie to ride the horse, but is treated to some emotional blackmail; Nigel promised Fredie that he could ride Topper. Shula loses her temper. It could have been so much worse, and the stables’ reputation could have been compromised. Loftily, Elizabeth says Shula has no right to criticise her, but is quickly told that she has every right. Elizabeth lacked the guts to say no, and has been very stupid.

Tuesday 4th September, 2012
Elizabeth calls at the stables, where Shula is noticeably cool. Lizzie plays the poor little widow card at first, which fails to melt Shula’s ice, but then breaks down and says she is not capable of bringing up the children alone. She feels angry towards Nigel, and admits that Freddie’s accident was her fault. She let Freddie ride Topper because he is so like Nigel. Setting her anger with her sister aside, Shula is full of compassion.


Let us hope he puts this talent to good use in a Judgment -of-Solomon sort of way before too long.


“Cut away. I said it was hers anyway.”


Ah, yes, that’s the bit I remembered but clearly I had put those two episodes together.

Well done, Shula, for staying angry for two days! Jill caved in a lot more quickly with her “brave and beautiful” daughter, didn’t she? But Jill has always favoured Elizabeth in my view. There was no “brave and beautiful” speech for Shula when she said she was ending her marriage to Alistair, was there?


No, just accusation that Shula was being unreasonable – as indeed she was. Only by lying about him gambling, and vilifying him for it loudly in the pub, did Shula manage to make Alistair the villain of the piece and get everyone on her side.


I did find myself faintly surprised that Alistair’s response wasn’t along the lines of “oh, all right then, have your things out by Tuesday”.


I never thought it was unreasonable to say she didn’t love Alistair any more and didn’t want to remain married to him. It was unexplainable, but not unreasonable to want to end the marriage since that was how she felt and had been feeling so for some time. I was amazed that Alistair didn’t say, ‘By golly, you’re right. We don’t even seem to like each other, do we?’

Everyone nagged and nagged at Shula to explain when she said many times that she could not. She did behave very badly in the pub. But I think her nearest and dearest had been less than understanding before that, in contrast to the great deal of slack habitually given to Elizabeth and, come to think of it, Helen.

Maybe Shula needs an ‘after all she’s been through’ event to garner sympathy and let her off the hook when she puts a foot wrong.


Ah, hadn’t read that before I wrote something similar!


Firing squad?