TOTAL TV GUIDE 30 July-4 Aug

Matt is persona non grata on all fronts this week. While Lilian fights her feelings for him, Justin stumbles across some shocking information.
Matt also comes to blows with Alistair after he moves in on Anisha.
Harrison and Fallon are on tenterhooks keeping everything crossed that the money comes through in time for them to buy Woodbine Cottage.
Alice causes embarrassment with her scheming.
The housing estate plans are causing feelings to run high.

Thanks to Toffee from Peet’s

I’d like to propose that the tenter be replaced with a butchers.


Ambridge’s Worst Serial Killer seems to have been lying low since Stabnight. We could always bring in a more competent one.


I’d like to volunteer to be Ambridge’s new serial killer. Go on… Please. Let me do it. I’ll bring all my own ‘tools of the trade.’


On tenterhooks worrying that “the money will come through in time” ? Really ?

That’s a bit of false jeopardy methinks.

Christine, who had no plans to sell the house until she heard they were thinking of leaving (because it was too small) is now in such a rush that the buyers (of the house which was too small) may loose it because their money is slow coming through ?

Really ??

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