Total TV Guide April 23-28

David’s offers to Home and Bridge Farm to compensate for Pip’s negligence (not that Pip will be mentioned of course!) with spreading the IBR infection is too little too late for Tom who tells Tony to demand more money.
Pip’s in no mood to sympathise with Toby for his gin business failure, so Rex gives him a piece of his mind (can he spare it?) about how Toby is treating her.
Will offers to take George more often now Emma’s working nights for part of the week, but Emma refuses.
Lynda gets a nasty shock when she checks on the llamas.
Brian is delighted to finally get rid of Lillian as she moves to the Dower House, and Matt is determined to give him his side of the break-up story.

Thanks, once again to Toffee from Peet’s. I think this is paraphrased.

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