Total TV Guide Dec 24-Jan 5

There’s not much christmas spirit at Bridge Farm. Pat and Helen’s alternative arrangements are proving tough on Tony, Tom and Johnny who are doing the cooking.
When a guest joins them for dinner, Joe is worried about Tumble Tussocks reserves running low.
Home Farm festivities have problems as well, with Kate and Nolly bickering right through to New Year. Jennifer attempts to play peacemaker which isn’t an easy job.
Adam and Ian head to the Bull for the Great Escape evening. While there they receive a surprise offer from an Ambridge resident. (Surely not Pip donating her baby?! Or yet another surrogacy offer?)
Lynda takes to the stage for the panto with unforgettable results. In a negative or positive way, we wonder!
Jazzer and Harrison are on the warpath - but can scores be settled before 2018 arrives in Ambridge?

(DI Thorpe is in the cast list)

paraphrased by Toffee from Peet’s