Total TV Guide Feb 11-16

Brian is in belligerent mood as he is determined to fight for his BL board future.
Martyn Gibson is baying for his blood, Annabelle isn’t sure where her loyalties lie and only Justin is in a position to help him, but will he risk his own interests to help his ‘brother-in-law’?
Nic is worried what will happen next after what happened at the Bull. Will tells her it’ll be fine but Nic’s worse fears may be about to come true when Jolene comes to a decision.
Toby’s first day of lambing at Brookfield is an eventful one.
Ruth gives Pip a few home truths on the subject of being a farmer and a mother at the same time. Will Pip listen to her?
Philip confides to Shula that he might have blown it with Kirsty.
Not complaining with be a difficult challenge for some residents who have signed up for Alan’s latest Lent idea - a fundraiser.
Susan’s thoughts are with Neil.
Peggy, Christine and Jill share a Shrove Tuesday tea that ends badly.
Emma wants to make amends for recent actions.
Will gets an offer he can refuse.

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A bit like telling an undercover cop what your planning to do with that acetylene pack you just bought.