Total TV Guide May 21-26

When Justin misses an important networking event, Lillian offers her services to organise his diary like she used to. But he tells her he’s already advertised tor a PA, as his fiancée should not be bothered with such mundane tasks. Will Lilian hope the successful candidate is not a woman who could fill that vacancy referred to last week …?!
Toby’s let himself go a bit to seed since splitting up with Pip, but when he meets her by chance it spurs him on to get a grip - can he win her back?!
Josh is failing to pull his weight at Brookfield, thus causing friction. When a rift opens up with Pip, Elizabeth advises her to nip it in the bud.
Brian welcomes new plans for Berrow Farm, but memories of bad feeling over the mega-diary still loom large for Jennifer …

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