Total TV Guide/Radio Times Feb 4-9

Brian must be wishing 2018 is a bad dream. He faces being ousted as Chairman of the BL board. He’s headline news and Adam could add to the pressure.
An Aldridge makes one of those far-reaching decisions you hear a lot about in soaps!
Though impressed by Toby’s commitment to the baby cause, Pip thinks accompanying her to an aquafit class a gesture too far.
Ruth is miffed to discover Lizzie knew about the pregnancy before she did.
Nic and Emma take up the Grundy War from their husbands and lock horns over loyalty to Home Farm with tempers erupting at the Bull - where else? The pub is always the location for a public family spat in a soap!
Will weighs in in as he guns for Emma himself.
Alistair proves to be ultra competitive in the pub quiz.
Susan considers her future at Home Farm when she feels under appreciated.
Alice is being bullied at work.
Neil makes an impression on Justin.
And David clashes with Ben. Ben!! But its obviously a a silent clash cos Ben’s not in the cast list.

Thanks to Toffee from Peet’s


Pip getting quietly found out … good.

Emma getting ir in the neck … good.

Alice bullied at work … how ? She’s never there.


Oh, yes, I do hope there’s a scene between Elizabeth and Ruth. They don’t like each other very much anyway and I’d enjoy Elizabeth being sugary-sweet in the face of Ruth’s shouty fury. But it probably won’t turn out that way. Ruth will do the little voice for showing she is hurt.

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