Never mix business with pleasure is an adage Justin is ignoring - at his own peril.
Lillian is not happy when Justin wants to include Amside under the Damara umbrella. She’s also smarting when Justin tells her he wants her to hire a wedding planner. Lilian might be over-reacting, but it seems Justin has something to hide when he takes a mysterious phone call.
Ian is chuffed to little mintballs when his bezzie mate Helen puts her womb forward as a surrogate to provide him with a baby. Will this woman ever have a normally conceived baby?! Needless to say, more than one resident has serious concerns about this. Pat is presumably top of the list. In the end Helen wonders if she’s been too hasty. Helen? Too hasty? Surely not! Will she break Ian’s heart by telling him of her doubts?
Josh has bad news when he returns to Brookfield after a successful sale.
Ed and Emma have a difference of opinion over Caroline’s bequest.
The cricket team prepare for their final game of the season against a smug Darrington team. Josh is unable to take part so Fallon takes his place. Will this be the end of Harrison’s reign as captain?
Kate faces a few home truths.
Brian has concerns of his own.
Toby steps into the breach.
Roy is pining for Lexi.
And an old face returns …

This is an amalgamation of two radio/TV guides paraphrased by Toffee from Peet’s


He’s also been teetering on the edge of having an affair with Matt.

Excellent phrasing! Also horribly predictable.

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I didn’t seriously think Helen would volunteer her womb but on reflection, she may be missing that she is no longer in the spotlight. This little stunt will get people’s attention all right! Just proposing it will be enough; she doesn’t have to follow through. All sorts of people will point out that heroic as her offer is, she is too fragile. And she’ll lap it up. No one will have the courage to tell her that her being a surrogate for Ian and Adam will make her even more useless to Bridge Farm than she already is (if it doesn’t kill her). She’ll take to her bed and everyone will have to do her job and take care of her children but perhaps that’s not so very different from the present situation.

Oh, and snork to your first suggestion.


Pining for Lexi?

The dipstick that Roy’s character has been turned into in recent weeks, is more likely to be Pining for the Fjords.

It’s about time that character ran up and down the curtains for one final time, before joining the bleedin’ choir invisible.

Roy should be an ex-pain in the rear-end.

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