What a pompous prig. She’s just launched herself into my crosshairs well & truly.

I mean Pip is in the centre of them … but if I can get a good line of sight such that Ruth is right behind her and then Usha I could maybe get all 3 with one bullet. One very, very big bullet. I may have to accept that Helen gets away for now. … & Kate.

At least Molly Button is safe.


What I don’t understand is what (apart, obviously, from his goolies on toast) she actually wants of Harrison. She knows she is rubbish at cricket; she doesn’t want to be in the team; she doesn’t even want to go to nets, apparently; why was she bothering to mess him around?

Stupid offence-taking for the sake of it, and no way to get any goodwill of any sort.


Now who does that remind me of?


I thought we weren’t talking about mmfff alright, I’ll be good, I promise, sorry. smirks

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