Welcoming the new year with vomiting


Seems entirely appropriate after the year we’ve just had.


Yes indeed, except that I simply don’t believe in Jim getting so pissed in a pub that he made himself sick. not in the least in character.


I haven’t yet heard it

I may not bother



Likewise - not heard yesterday’s yet, either, now I think of it. It’s becoming increasingly harder to bother.

I wonder how long NYE will last this time?


Eh, Fishers, they all go under the Personality Overlay Machine every few days anyway.


I have heard it now

I know

Very brave of me

I must say though, that I thought that Jim was poorly rather than pissed



He didn’t sound drunk.


I suspect the sourdough was indeed sour


And now I notice I’m three behind. For some reason, I don’t seem to feel any great urgency to catch up.


"poorly"? I would say "poorly written" might be a more apt description. BTW talking of disappointments, was anybody here actually scared shit-less by the “Ghost Stories from Ambridge”? I sampled "Lost Hearts" yesterday, and was rather unmoved by the story, and even less so by the interpretation. I well remember being very impressed by "The Treasure of Abbot Thomas" and "The Mezzotint" and “The Tractate Middoth” back in the 1960s when, as a 12 year old, I first read M. R. James.

Here’s how it should be done:

Happy New Year!


Ooooh, look what I just found: (…check out Eleanor Bron!)


Trust yer instincts, joe. I listened to tonight’s and it was a poor use of 13-odd minutes.