Well, it's coming up to 18:00 here…


…on the Left Side of T’Pond, and I’m thinking about catching up with the latest. on-going piffle which seems to have infected Ambridge recently. My question is, “should I waste my time listening? or would I be better off mowing the hamsters, or taking my two cell-mates for a walk?”

…seriously, folks, is it worth the effort?


Missed tonight’s myself, but I would hate the hamsters to fall to the scythe, so grit yer teth and listen.


I have barely listened for the past couple of months. I’ve kept up by various summary & comment pages. I expect I’ll get back into the groove sooner or later.


1800 on t’other side of the pond? Shouldn’t you be tending to your airports?


By the dawn’s early light and all like that?


With red, white and blue stripes


On the tailplanes of the balloons. Those being how humans were able to fly at the time.


Even that wouldn’t excuse the airports gaffe—the first manned flights were in 1783.


…better leave Dawn out of this (…she’s rather photophobic at that time of the day!) :expressionless:


Me, I have aways wondered a bit about that Rosy wot Homer was always banging on about.


…or most likely not.


Why do you think he nodded Dahlink?