WHAT a pretentious wanker Russ is!


Even the very worst of my tutors at university didn’t talk such crap.

Why did Elizabeth think it would be a good idea to have that turd involved in Jim’s project?


Because Russ is (such a support to her and) Artistic. All arty stuff is much the same, isn’t it? Remember she is an Archer and thus a philistine and an ignoranus. No, not a typo.


He taught art at a sixth form college. This does not qualify him to comment on The Theatre, and Elizabeth is a stupid woman.


I know all the above things, dear Fishy, and was not disagreeing with any one of them.

PS: why would Jim particularly care about Elizabeth’s a) 'mental health; and b) enterprise, as in the LL Christmas extravaganza? I bet he’s not getting a brass farthing for it.


It was a low blow in particular because of Jim’s own recent mental problems and depression, at least as serious and real as Elizabeth’s but far better coped with by him and at a great deal less cost to all around him, about which he was obviously not going to tell the repulsive little pseudy squit who was trying to blackmail him into acquiescence with a lot of baloney.

She did offer to pay Jim “to help with the cost of his extension”, but that was not the reason he said that he would do it.


Darn it, so she did! Thank you, Fish of Record and recall


And in other news, ursine faeces discovered in forest


I have listened to some cringe-making scenes in The Archers, so I have some fortitude, but for the first time ever I fast-forwarded because I couldn’t stand the Russ and Jim scenes, worse still when Elizabeth chimed in.


If someone like Elizabeth, thirty years my junior, lectured me as if I were a naughty ten-year-old, I would politely tell her that I was no longer interested in working for her and walk away.

Because she is an intolerable, patronising piece of pretension herself, and has set someone even worse on Jim, she should find herself without her precious Christmas Show immediately.


Oh, gosh yes! As I say, I couldn’t bear to listen when Elizabeth started in. Jim is doing this as a favour, even if he’s getting paid. No reason he should put up with this. He doesn’t even need the money and he certainly doesn’t need the stress.


I am trying to think under what possible circumstances expecting a man of eighty to curl up on the floor would be reasonable. Hostage-taking, perhaps. An earthquake. Erm…


A tendency to claw and pee on the furniture?


It might then be his own idea and the expectation be more in resignation than exhortation, wouldn’t you think?

I am not yet eighty, but if some creep half my age started telling me to curl up on the floor, I would arise from my chair and smite him with it about the mid-section so that he curled up his own self and fell to the floor winded.