What about the house?


The backup option: the Aldridges get the Grundies as neighbours. Hilarity ensuezzzzzzzz.


The Grundys could move back to Keeper’s, since Doc Locke seems to have done a bunk.

We now have Emma, Hannah and Kate all looking for somewhere to live; who’s going to end up sharing with whom, I wonder? I am in absolutely no doubt the SWs are as we speak examining all permutations with regard to potential for shoutiness and Hilarious Consequences™

Oh dear…


I am taking precautions and taping me ribs*, joe dere

  • they mainly go ‘creak, breathe’


Now it seems they are delighted to not be receiving an offer on the house from Justin and co?! If you want to sell the thing, sell it asap. Personally, I think a country club sounds quite fun, the property would be well taken care of, and they’d be able to visit whenever they pleased.

I want to write to Jennifer… reminds self characters are not real


I agree, Kara, though I think I’d rather shake Jennifer till her teeth rattle than be bothered writing to her!


She hates the idea of moving house. She has lived there for over forty years, and she didn’t want to leave the place, intending to die there. Her repulsive daughter has been put by her imbecile husband into a position in which it is possible for her to force the sale of the house, and Jennifer is angry and miserable


It was she who imposed the sale decision on the rest of the family, as I remember - there were other options to be explored.
If she wants to die there, then she needs to get a shuffle on.

This whole SL is too stupid for words. Printable ones, anyway.