What are the Borefeathers for?

Just caught up with last night’s.

As so often, I can’t help wondering why Rex and Toby are in the programme at all. They were introduced purely so SOC could have a Fairbother in attendance for the Ablazing Grace Memorial Old Biddies’ Day Out. Whatever he might have thought/imagined/made up, they are not from “an old Ambridge family”–their grandfather was a relatively short-term blow-in IIRC? They did their bit (Why “their”? One would have sufficed) and should have been shipped out again forthwith. Yet here they still are, for no good reason.

Meanwhile genuinely long-established characters have been silenced or written out. Where was Kathy–who was actually mentioned yesterday–during the whole Rob/Helen saga, or when Tom left Kirsty at the altar? Time was when she might as well have moved into Bridge Farm; it’s ridiculous that when Pat most needed a confidante, she vanished.

Matt’s return could–should–have had much more dramatic potential. At the end of the AmEx St Petersburg nonsense, he abandoned the attempt to recover his money for Lilian’s sake; what if his sudden disappearance had been in order to protect her?

Nigel was killed off, when a far more interesting development would have explored how he coped with disability–not least the issues of accessibility in a listed building.

And we still don’t know the truth about the bunting…


It’s not clear what’s going on with Hedli Niklaus; I heard she was unwell, but no details.


One of them unfortunately did his bit a little too well. Hence bloody ArghArcher.


She still seems very active on FB–and I found this from late 2017, where she certainly doesn’t seem to show any sign of wanting or needing to slow down:

I notice that on the Archers Addicts FB page she was campaigning for Ataxia Awareness Day, as she has a relative who suffers from Friedrich’s ataxia; I wonder if that might have been misreported?

A genuine typo–but I don’t feel inclined to correct it!


That was more to do with the wrong person pulling out at the wrong moment… No problem with the (as yet) pretty well blameless* Rosie, but they should have terminated Pip while she was dithering in the clinic.

*Apart from being an Archer, of course–a sodding Brookfield Archer to boot


That’s quite enough wrong to be going on with

Now you’re talking. cf ‘Belt Sander’


Is it not spelt with an X?


Only on paper.




That’ll be the one, joe.