When did Matt's "other woman" get mentioned before?

(I have just listened to the episode of 15th January 2015.)

Lilian assumed that he had been with another woman, but she had been no reason to: it was not mentioned in the piece of paper with writing on it. All that said, when PC Burns read it out, was “Sorry, Pusscat”, not “I am taking some of my stuff” (the wine and the pictures were his, not hers, but he had left all the expensive hifi and television electrical equipment which she stated was all his) “and going to my other lover”?

She has never at any point while whingeing about him leaving her mentioned that it was for another woman? That, I simply do not believe. Never in a million years would she not have said at some point during the past two years that the rat had stolen her money to spend on some floozie.

And yet Lilian assumed it, and Matt didn’t deny it, completely out of the blue, after he said he must have been having a breakdown of some kind.

“I suppose that’s why you’re having an affair, too.”
“Oh, that’s over.”
“Oh, she didn’t like it when the money ran out…”

What was the point of that?

It’s all a bit contrived, don’t you think?


He’s never seemed like the type.

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He has always had an eye for a dolly-bird – witness Jade, the secretary he took away for “weekend conferences” until Lilian put a pregnancy testing kit in her desk drawer for Matt to find and he promptly “let her go” – but that does not mean that Lilian assuming that he’d left her for one was ever assumed by her before yesterday. That’s what I was saying. Why did she never say that before, if that was what she thought he had done?

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I think what I mean is, he’d cheerfully have it away with B while living with A, but he wouldn’t leave A for B unless A threw him out.

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That could make for an interesting evening of conversation between Justin and Matt.

That sounds about right – except that he did leave his wife for Lilian, I think Or was he already leaving her and Lilian happened along at the same time?

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Though not particularly successfully. His last attempt was with Annabelle and he got nowhere.

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You’re asking me, Fanta?

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No, I was more uttering an opinion expected to be corrected, I think. Because I wasn’t sure what the order of events actually was, and since I haven’t done either of them for the Who’s Who yet I haven’t been looking at that bit of Lowfield with any particular attention.

I think Lillian and Matt just happened. There was something of an overlap with his marriage, but it wasn’t long before he was hiding assets from his home etc at The Dower House and explaining to Lil how he’d make sure the Mrs didn’t squeeze his assets. She’d do well to remember those jolly days.

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The impression I have, based purely on hazy memory, is that things with Yvette were at best pretty rickety anyway and that Matt was well on his way out of the door and landing on Lilian was a lucky accident. Mind you, one could argue that the Elliot menage was on its last legs, too.
Oh, I dunno. There, that was useful, wasn’t it, Fishy?

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You’re such a mine of information, Gus.

I think they did just fall into the relationship without much planning, as I recall it, and as far as I remember Yvette never actually spoke, though I might be wrong about that.

Perhaps we’re just looking at this the wrong way.
Perhaps Lilian inspires such self insight and love in men that they feel compelled to spend their lives with her as “better” people.