When, oh when will someone (…anyone!)

…tell the wretched SnellWomun to “…SOD OFF AND MIND YOUR OWN BLOODY BUSINESS!


She is. She wants to do better in the quiz than she did last week, so she is trying to mug up on a subject she doesn’t know about.


I do understand the motives of that dreadful harridan, but if only, just once (that’s all I ask), if only for once, someone gave the womun what she so richly deserves (John Arlott voice on) “…and Alistair Lloyd steps up to the interfering old bessom, and takes a mighty swing at her head, catching it squarely in the jaw, shattering the mandible, showering teeth and bits of blood and bone all over his pristine white flannels… …I think the umpire might have something to say about that! It looks like Ambridge’s vet is making a long-overdue stand for sanity and decent right-thinking listeners… …what do you think? …over to you Johners…”


Yes, but there would be so many deserving cases higher on the list. (My list, anyway. Which gets so long that it is best served by a Lancaster bomber.)


Fair enough, but she should be put in her place for interrupting what she had been told was an important training session. If they lose to Darrington, she’s likely to be blamed. There’s a time and a place for her personal obsessions—in her case, usually her shifts at Grey Gables.

Why did she need to grill Alistair anyway? She said herself that she’s married to a cricketer, so why not ask Robert?


Because Plot.


Plot: a hole in the ground, 6’ × 3’ × 6’.

Plot Device: what the games master uses to insert the characters into the Plot.