Whenever Jim opens his mouth

…of late, I am glad all over again to remember he spent a portion of his childhood being buggered rigid. I realise that this is probably not the reaction the prod team were aiming for with the CSA storyline, but tant pis.


Is there anyone in the cast that you like or even tolerate dear limpet


[sigh] You never seem to tire of that question.

I don’t mind Brian or (and this won’t be popular) Natasha, although her coat’s on a somewhat shoogly peg with me after last night. Oliver used to be tolerable but is too stupid these days. Josh is ok, I suppose - he benefits by comparison with his immediate family. Alistair, Jakob and Denise aren’t actually offensive most of the time.
Best information available at time of going to press.


Caroline, and now Jennifer. Lucky beggars.

Mr. Helpmann: He’s got away from us, Jack.
Jack Lint: 'Fraid you’re right, Mr. Helpmann. He’s gone.