Words which might be better used


One which is not unique to you, which might possibly be a slightly comforting thought.


Well, ish. Except that if it means people who care are suffering it, that seems like something I would not wish on them.


The BBC are a rich source of malapropism and incoherence.

For instance
"The puppy, which was left on the doorstep at the Dower House as a mischievous birthday present for Lilian from Matt, has far from cause trouble between Lilian and Justin."

That’s from Hannah Ratcliffe, Assistant Producer of The Archers, at


I can recommend you another, too


Ahem - “The BBC is…”, shurely?


All three initials are, Joe. (grin)

You are of course right, and what I originally meant to write was “people at the BBC”, only I got distracted by having to go and collect the quote and the woman’s name.


Reviving this after reading a flurry of semi-literate posts elsewhere, with pretty well every other writer substituting “loose” for “lose”. It seems to be a particularly American trait. I dread the possibility of a certain Twitter-obsessed person demanding that North Korea “loose their nukes”…


What baffles me is the number of people who write ‘defiantly’ when they mean ‘definitely’. I mean, it’s not even phonetically similar. Thickos the lot of them.


Maybe they meant to write “definately”? [sic]


They really could make the effort to get their spelling errors right. Double stupid.


It’s not that hard when you get every spelling mistake underlined in red like wot I do.


Yeah, but also every word like pleonastic or spathic or sesquipedalian that the machine doesn’t know.


I tend to know those if I use them. It’s words liek teh and threr that I get wrong.


Nooks Shirley?


Of coarse.


I find this phenomena hones in to irritate me everyday, these days. But their you are. The internet is a thought experiment along ‘infinite number of monkeys’ lines.


From the comments on a Grauniad article about Brexit and the return of blue passports:

People are aloud to be proud to be Scottish or Welsh or Irish. So yes I’m proud to be English. I won’t apologise for that and never will.

Wouldn’t someone so proud of their Englishness make an effort to learn the language?


Ya’d think, wouldn’t you?


Here’s something that might interest the offender http://play.bbc.co.uk/play/pen/gj7rr87htv