Wrap-up of current spoilers updated April 11

11 Apr Jazzer looks to the future, and Tom puts his foot in it.
12 Apr There is tension at Home Farm, and Lexi attends the surrogacy clinic.
13 Apr Shula receives a shock, and Fallon jumps to conclusions.

15 Apr Shula tries to justify her actions, and Clarrie has reservations.
16 Apr Elizabeth offers comfort, and there is a visitor for Will.
17 Apr Brian hatches a plan, and Jazzer finds a captive audience.
18 Apr The stress rises for Helen, while Tom attempts a negotiation.
19 Apr Olwen puts her foot in it, and Fallon’s views are challenged.
20 Apr Alistair opens up, and Eddie has a controversial suggestion.

22 Apr Alistair struggles to cope, and Will is left disappointed.
23 Apr Peggy discovers the truth, and there is more bad news for Jennifer.
24 Apr Pat is on a mission, and Clarrie attempts to keep the peace.
25 Apr Emma makes a breakthrough, and Rex cements his new venture.
26 Apr Shula makes a fresh start, and Jazzer is surprised by a face from the past.
27 Apr Brian continues to scheme, and Will faces a new problem.

29 Apr Alice is on the warpath, and Will is humiliated.
30 Apr Alistair does not know where to turn, and Lexi has concerns.
1 May Johnny comes to the rescue, and there is more bad news for Will.
2 May Lily demands answers, and Jazzer gatecrashes.
3 May Harrison is stunned, and Shula lets her hair down.
4 May Brian comes clean, and Kenton considers his actions.

Radio Times Ambridge Diary April 8-13
It’s all getting too much for Adam, who juggles his work responsibilities with the pressures of Lexi’s first transfer attempt. And he’s not the only one getting hot under the collar at Home Harm - Brian continues to manipulate the truth regarding recent events and starts to consider his future with Ruairi. Will this mean yet more trouble for the cursed Aldridges?
Will’s behaviour is still a cause for concern and when Keira reveals a shocking truth, Emma ends up snapping - with potentially dire consequences.
Rumours are flying around the village about Alistair, who ends up confronting the source of the gossip.
And by the end of the week, one person has some serious explaining to do …

Thanks to fleetingeileenm from ‘The Archers in Mustardland’ Board

Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update April 8-13
An old face - and new pigs - are heading to Ambridge this week. If only we could head them off at the border with warnings of how ghastly the place has become. Will is a broken man, Ellis the drug dealer gets nasty, Olwen is ill, and Brian carries on lying through his teeth, stirring up more trouble for the despised Aldridge clan.
The Grundys, weighed down by sorrow, start turning on each other, and Adam is too overwhelmed to take much notice of the possible approach of fatherhood.
Harrison’s attempt to improve a bad day goes awry. Alistair fails to see the bright side of being shot of Shula, and yet another shock is scheduled to arrive by the end of the week.

Thanks to Maggiesaes from ‘The Archers in Mustardland’ Board

Radio Times Ambridge Diary April 15-20
With Will still insisting on taking the children on regular visits to Nic’s burial site, it’s left to Clarrie to suggest an alternative - only for things to go wrong when another Ambridge resident inadvertently puts their foot in it. Later in the week, Eddie has a controversial suggestion that could put even more strain on the family - but will Clarrie agree?
Helen is fretting that her chances of winning at the Food and Farming Awards will be reduced should judge Sheila Dillon encounter Olwen.
Jazzer causes amusement at his interview at Berrow Farm, when he appears not to be taking things seriously.
And one individual is left questioning whether their life has been a lie after a secret is revealed.

In the cast are Dan, Andrew and Sheila Dillon the judge.

Thanks to fleetingeileenm from ‘The Archers in Mustardland’ Board

Credits April 8-13
Director … Jenny Thompson
Editor … Alison Hindell
Writer … Tim Stimpson
Ruth Archer … Felicity Finch
Pat Archer … Patricia Gallimore
Helen Archer … Louiza Patikas
Brian Aldridge … Charles Collingwood
Jennifer Aldridge … Angela Piper
PC Harrison Burns … James Cartwright
Neil Carter … Brian Hewlett
Alice Carter … Hollie Chapman
Ian Craig … Stephen Kennedy
Clarrie Grundy … Heather Bell
Emma Grundy … Emerald O’Hanrahan
Ed Grundy … Barry Farrimond
Shula Hebden Lloyd … Judy Bennett
Alistair Lloyd … Michael Lumsden
Jim Lloyd … John Rowe
Adam Macy … Andrew Wincott
Jazzer McCreary … Ryan Kelly
Freddie Pargetter … Toby Laurence
Lily Pargetter … Katie Redford
Fallon Rogers … Joanna van Kampen
Lexi Viktorova … Ania Sowinski
Jake Grundy … Rob Redwood
Ellis … Ryan Whittle
Olwen Thomas … Alison Steadman

Credits April 15-20
Writer … Mary Cutler
Director … Kim Greengrass
Editor … Alison Hindell
Kenton Archer … Richard Attlee
Jolene Archer … Buffy Davis
Pat Archer … Patricia Gallimore
Helen Archer …Louiza Patikas
Tom Archer … William Troughton
Brian Aldridge … Charles Collingwood
PC Harrison Burns … James Cartwright
Neil Carter … Brian Hewlett
Justin Elliott … Simon Williams
Eddie Grundy … Trevor Harrison
Clarrie Grundy … Heather Bell
Will Grundy … Philip Molloy
Emma Grundy … Emerald O’Hanrahan
Shula Hebden Lloyd … Judy Bennett
Dan Hebden Lloyd … Will Howard
Alistair Lloyd … Michael Lumsden
Adam Macy … Andrew Wincott
Jazzer McCreary … Ryan Kelly
Kate Madikane … Perdita Avery
Elizabeth Pargetter … Alison Dowling
Fallon Rogers … Joanna Van Kampen
Lynda Snell … Carole Boyd
Andrew … Tim Dutton
Olwen Thomas … Alison Steadman
Judge … Sheila Dillon.


Gus has just gone into a steep decline. Fannying (ha!) around with the syringe of Loxicom for Herself, I remembered what was in store for lucky old us tonight. Deep joy. Not.

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A judge ?

Have I missed something ?


That will be the food judge who is going to give Helen the highest possible award for cheese.



Silly me.

“Best turned out cheese”.


With, hard on its heels, the Millie Robson Memorial Cup for “Best Turned-out Bowels”. The accompanying rosette is a rather fetching shade of — [mphhhmmmm]
omnes: ‘Shut up, Gus, fer gawd’s sake’