Wrap up of current spoilers - updated April 13th

14 Apr Kate attempts to be diplomatic, and there’s tension at the first cricket match.
15 Apr Azra finds herself caught in the middle, and suspicions are raised for Harrison.
16 Apr Alice struggles to keep a promise, and Jazzer spots an opening.
17 Apr There’s a race against time for Fallon, and Lily struggles to maintain control.
18 Apr Chelsea plays the system, and opportunity knocks for Mick.
19 Apr Alice becomes overwhelmed, and Kirsty finds a willing volunteer.

21 Apr Denise doesn’t know where to turn, and Ed’s feeling nervous.
22 Apr Alice fears she has gone too far, and Henry learns a trick or two.
23 Apr Alistair faces a dilemma, and Helen treads carefully.
24 Apr Alice has a mountain to climb, and Fallon supports a friend in need.
25 Apr There’s light at the end of the tunnel for Lilian, and Azra makes a friend.
26 Apr Alistair takes the plunge, and there’s a near miss for Joy.

28 Apr There’s a surprise for Emma and Azra finds herself embraced into village life.
29 Apr Jakob makes a shocking discovery and Chelsea’s ideas prove controversial.
30 Apr Jim makes a surprising offer and Lynda proves very influential.
01 May Denise hatches a plan and Alice attempts to prove herself.
02 May Jakob finds himself on the spot and Will attempts to keep the peace.
03 May One family face devastation and George struggles to pay the price.

Radio Times Ambridge Diary April 14th-19th
Harrison and Fallon’s night at Grey Gables sees Lily set on ensuring their stay is unforgettable. But a too-eager Brad, the Lord Mayor, a suitcase and Sherwood Forest contrive to complicate things.
Later in the week there’s a second mix-up and Lily could be sailing close to the wind.
Chelsea explores two opportunities, Kate and Lilian try to talk to Alice, Jazzer is a thorn in someone’s side and one resident needs serious help.

Thanks to fleetingeileenm of The Archers in Mustardland

Daily Mail Weekend Magazine April 14th-19th
After tension at the first cricket match of the season, Kate and Lilian are concerned that stress levels are becoming overwhelming for Alice, while Chelsea tries to play the system.

Thanks to LadySusan of The Ambridge Reporter

Credits April 14th-19th
Writer …. Nick Warburton
Director …. David Payne
Kenton Archer …. Richard Attlee
Natasha Archer …. Mali Harries
Lilian Bellamy …. Sunny Ormonde
Harrison Burns …. James Cartwright
Alice Carter …. Hollie Chapman
Chris Carter …. Wilf Scolding
Harry Chilcott …. Jack Ashton
Brad Horrobin …. Taylor Uttley
Chelsea Horrobin …. Madeleine Leslay
Kate Madikane …. Perdita Avery
Dr Azra Malik …. Yasmin Wilde
Jazzer McCreary …. Ryan Kelly
Kirsty Miller …. Annabelle Dowler
Lily Pargetter …. Katie Redford
Hannah Riley …. Helen Longworth
Fallon Rogers …. Joanna Van Kampen
Oliver Stirling …. Michael Cochrane
Mick …. Martin Barrass
Ruby Cosse …. Helen Atkinson Wood

Credits April 21st-26th
Writer …. Sarah McDonald Hughes
Director …. Kim Greengrass
Helen Archer …. Louiza Patikas
Henry Archer …. Blayke Darby
Lilian Bellamy …. Sunny Ormonde
Harrison Burns …. James Cartwright
Alice Carter …. Hollie Chapman
Eve Chilcott …. Juliet Aubrey
Harry Chilcott …. Jack Ashton
Joy Horville …. Jackie Lye
Ed Grundy …. Barry Farrimond
Alistair Lloyd…. Michael Lumsden
Dr Azra Malik…. Yasmin Wilde
Denise Metcalf…. Clare Perkins
Fallon Rogers…. Joanna Van Kampen
Laura …. Claire Cage

Credits April 28th-May 3rd
Writer …. Caroline Jester
Director …. Rosemary Watts and Pip Swallow
Brian Aldridge …. Charles Collingwood
Lilian Bellamy …. Sunny Ormonde
Alice Carter …. Hollie Chapman
Eddie Grundy …. Trevor Harrison
Emma Grundy …. Emerald O’Hanrahan
George Grundy …. Angus Stobie
Will Grundy …. Philip Molloy
Miranda Elliott …. Lucy Fleming
Jakob Hakansson …. Paul Venables
Chelsea Horrobin …. Madeleine Leslay
Joy Horville …. Jackie Lye
Alistair Lloyd …. Michael Lumsden
Jim Lloyd …. John Rowe
Kate Madikane …. Perdita Avery
Dr Azra Malik …. Yasmin Wilde
Denise Metcalf …. Clare Perkins
Lynda Snell …. Carole Boyd
Robert Snell …. Michael Bertenshaw
Mick …. Martin Barrass