Wrap up of current spoilers - updated April 17

19 Apr Fallon is left reeling and a breakout at Berrow sees Jazzer as happy as a pig in mud.
20 Apr Martha’s christening is thrown into jeopardy and Justin is perturbed by the past.
21 Apr Rex may have found the answer to his prayers while Tracy tries to make a good impression.
22 Apr Chris is confronted with the ugly truth while Jazzer is offered some career advice.

26 Apr Ben makes a surprising confession and Justin finds himself with a new nemesis.
27 Apr Joy turns the tables and debate rages at Lower Loxley.
28 Apr Lilian gets her hands dirty and Eddie springs a surprise.
29 Apr The walls close in on Alice, and Rex looks to the future.

Radio Times Ambridge Diary March April 19-22
I’d never have predicted Ben’s time capsule project hanging around for this long, but it’s proving to be unexpectedly dramatic. This week, Lilian rummages through the past to contribute, only for Justin to make it clear he’d rather some memories remain buried.
Mind you, it’s understandable why he’d want to keep a low profile, as when secrets blow in Ambridge, the aftershocks are sizeable. Take Fallon, who’s left reeling when something hush-hush comes to light and a fallout follows.
Elsewhere, plans for Martha’s christening are thrown into chaos, while Rex is wrestling with a pig of a problem. Enter Lily with a rescue plan.

Thanks to fleetingeileenm of ‘The Archers in Mustardland’

Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update April 19-22
The past is never too far away in Ambridge. Prehistorical burial sites leave pock marks on Lakey Hill, Nigel’s long scream still echoes around the roofs of Lower Loxley, and photos of Lilian’s unlifted face often come back to haunt her. This week finds the much-married Lilian having a rummage in the Dower House, where she unearths something from Justin’s past that he would rather remain buried.
The past also delivers a blow to Fallon when a shocking secret emerges that sends aftershocks across the village.
Over at Greenacres, they’re on some kind of time loop, with Tracy as a recurring figure in different guises; this week she crops up as Jim’s dinner guest.

Thanks to Maggiesaes of ‘The Archers in Mustardland’

Credits April 19-22
Writers … Caroline Harrington & Nick Warburton
Director … Kim Greengrass
Editor … Jeremy Howe
Lilian Bellamy … Sunny Ormonde
Harrison Burns … James Cartwright
Alice Carter … Hollie Chapman
Chris Carter … Wilf Scolding
Neil Carter … Brian Hewlett
Justin Elliott … Simon Williams
Rex Fairbrother … Nick Barber
Tracy Horrobin … Susie Riddell
Jim Lloyd … John Rowe
Jazzer McCreary … Ryan Kelly
Elizabeth Pargetter … Alison Dowling
Lily Pargetter … Katie Redford
Fallon Rogers … Joanna Van Kampen

Credits April 26-29
Writers … Sarah Mcdonald-Hughes and Daniel Thurman
Director … Peter Leslie Wild
Editor … Jeremy Howe
Ben Archer … Ben Norris
David Archer … Timothy Bentinck
Ruth Archer … Felicity Finch
Lilian Bellamy … Sunny Ormonde
Lee Bryce … Ryan Early
Alice Carter … Hollie Chapman
Vince Casey … Tony Turner
Ruairi Donovan … Arthur Hughes
Justin Elliott … Simon Williams
Rex Fairbrother … Nick Barber
Ed Grundy … Barry Farrimond
Eddie Grundy … Trevor Harrison
Mia Grundy … Molly Pipe
Jakob Hakansson … Paul Venables
Joy Horville … Jackie Lye
Kate Madikane … Perdita Avery
Kirsty Miller … Annabelle Dowler
Elizabeth Pargetter … Alison Dowling
Freddie Pargetter … Toby Laurence