Wrap up of current spoilers - updated July 24

26 July Ian demands the truth and Roy makes an impression.
27 July It’s crisis point for Adam and Lynda is keen to up the ante.
28 July Roy has romance on his mind and Kate puts her foot in it.
29 July Lilian finds herself taken along for the ride and Phoebe feels guilty.

02 Aug Events spiral out of control for Shula while David feels uneasy.
03 Aug Neil tries to pick up the pieces and Josh admits to an oversight.
04 Aug Ruairi takes a brave step while one resident struggles with their circumstances.
05 Aug Chris is pulled in all directions and Alistair guesses the truth.

09 Aug Alice struggles to stay in control and plans for the summer fete are thrown into chaos.
10 Aug It’s a big day for Ruairi while Brian attempts to pick up the pieces.
11 Aug Jennifer struggles to find the right words and Alan hatches a plan.
12 Aug The Aldridge family attempt to hold everything together and Lynda makes a shocking discovery.

Radio Times Ambridge Diary July 26-29
Roy has romance in mind when he meets online date Leyla, but obstacles in his path include Phoebe, Kate … and a long-horned cow. At Honeysuckle Cottage Ian’s suspicions reach fever pitch, and when he confronts the matter he lands himself and others in trouble.
Lynda is making it her mission to secure a celebrity to add sparkle to the fete and tasks Lilian with stalking her prey. If all goes wrong, perhaps they could ask Harry Redknapp? (He was surprisingly good when he cameoed recently on EastEnders.)
Finally, Helen urges caution, and when Adam opens his heart, one Ambridge resident makes a controversial suggestion.

Thanks to PinaGrigio of Peet’s Mustardland

Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update July 26-29
Deathwatch beetles tapped away at the ageing timber of Honeysuckle Cottage, and the gable end collapsed one dark night, causing Nelson Gabriel, all tucked up in his black silk sheets, to pass out cold. Siobhan Donovan fell in love with the cursed cottage, hoping to be build a happy home there - and look how that worked out for her! Now, more trouble brews under the picturesque thatch as Ian’s suspicions reach fever pitch.
Undaunted by this sad example of love gone sour, Roy spruces himself up and sets off to meet his on-line date, Leyla. Will it work out for him,or will his former squeeze, Kate, nip this romance in the bud?

Thanks to Maggiesaes of ‘The Archers in Mustardland’

Credits July 26-29
Writers …. Sarah Hehir and Nick Warburton
Director …. Marina Caldarone
Editor …. Jeremy Howe
Phoebe Aldridge …. Lucy Morris
Helen Archer …. Louiza Patikas
Lilian Bellamy …… Sunny Ormonde
Ian Craig …. Stephen Kennedy
Joy Horville …. Jackie Lye
Adam Macy …. Andrew Wincott
Kate Madikane …… Perdita Avery
Kirsty Miller …… Annabel Dowler
Michael Park… David Seddon
Lynda Snell …. Carole Boyd
Roy Tucker …. Ian Pepperell
Leyla … Margaret Cabourn-Smith

Credits August 2-5
Writers … Caroline Harrington and Sarah McDonald-Hughes
Directors … Jeremy Howe and Julie Beckett
Editor … Jeremy Howe
Brian Aldridge … Charles Collingwood
Jennifer Aldridge … Angela Piper
David Archer … Timothy Bentinck
Josh Archer … Angus Imrie
Ruth Archer … Felicity Finch
Chris Carter … Wilf Scolding
Susan Carter … Charlotte Martin
Ruairi Donovan … Arthur Hughes
Amy Franks … Jennifer Daley
Shula Hebden Lloyd …. Judy Bennett
Alistair Lloyd …. Michael Lumsden
Jazzer McCreary … Ryan Kelly

Credits August 9-12
Writers …… Keri Davies and Katie Hims
Director …… Gwenda Hughes
Editor …… Jeremy Howe
Brian Aldridge …… Charles Collingwood
Jennifer Aldridge …… Angela Piper
Ben Archer …… Ben Norris
Lilian Bellamy …… Sunny Ormonde
Harrison Burns …… James Cartwright
Alice Carter …… Hollie Chapman
Ruairi Donovan …. Arthur Hughes
Alan Franks … John Telfer
Fallon Rogers …… Joanna Van Kampen
Lynda Snell …… Carole Boyd