Wrap up of current spoilers - updated July 4

06 July Debbie Aldridge reveals some shocking news and Brian is left holding the baby.
07 July Alice has a crisis on her hands while Chris is left reeling by a surprising decision.
08 July Debbie has concerns over a family member while Brian’s plan gathers momentum.
09 July Adam makes a big decision and Debbie considers her situation.

13 July Fallon ends up disappointed and Jolene makes a controversial decision.
14 July David turns detective and Elizabeth struggles to find the right words.
15 July Harrison finds himself with some making up to do and David feels guilty.
16 July Harrison bares his soul and Elizabeth takes the next step.

20 July Chris finds himself in trouble and Emma has a brainwave.
21 July Alice’s big decision causes ructions and Brian has concerns.
22 July Ed’s past returns to haunt him and events spiral out of control for Chris.
23 July Emma and Ed face a dilemma and Alice is not happy.

Radio Times Ambridge Diary July 6-9
Relations between the Aldridges are fairly combustible at the best of times, so you’d be forgiven for thinking that they might have all killed each other during lockdown. The cherry harvest has certainly proved to be problematic. Various members of the family are now desperately trying to sort the problems out - but will any of them succeed?
There’s also an update from Hungary, where Debbie is finding restrictions difficult. And when she gets in touch with Adam, the news she imparts leaves him with a tough decision to make. Finally, Alice struggles to keep all her eggs in one basket and reaches a decision that leaves Chris reeling.

Thanks to fleetingeileenm of ‘The Archers in Mustardland’

Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update July 6-9
Debbie, a class act who’s rarely seen in Ambridge, makes her voice heard this week. She’s been in lockdown in Hungary and, what with one thing and another, found it all a lot trickier than she thought it would be. Now, out of the blue, she contacts the Aldridges, and delivers a bombshell that leaves Adam with a very nasty problem.
It’s not the only problem the Aldridges have to cope with this week. The cherry harvest proves to be anything but a bowl of cherries, Alice makes an odd decision, Chris is left reeling, and Brian’s left holding the baby.
That’s not the end of their woes, either. Debbie has worries about one of the Aldridge clan - but will anyone take her concerns seriously?

Thanks to Maggiesaes of ‘The Archers in Mustardland’

Credits July 6-9
Writers … Keri Davies & Gillian Richmond
Director … Kim Greengrass
Editor … Jeremy Howe
Brian Aldridge … Charles Collingwood
Debbie Aldridge … Tamsin Greig
Adam Macy … Andrew Wincott
Alice Carter … Hollie Chapman
Chris Carter … Wilf Scolding

Credits July 13-16
Writers … Sarah McDonald Hughes & Sarah Hehir
Director … Peter Leslie Wild
Editor … Jeremy Howe
David Archer … Timothy Bentinck
Elizabeth Pargetter … Alison Dowling
Kenton Archer … Richard Attlee
Jolene Archer … Buffy Davis
Harrison Burns … James Cartwright

Credits July 20-23
Writers … Caroline Harrington & Tim Stimpson
Director … Kim Greengrass
Editor … Jeremy Howe
Brian Aldridge … Charles Collingwood
Alice Carter … Hollie Chapman
Chris Carter … Wilf Scolding
Emma Grundy … Emerald O’Hanrahan
Ed Grundy … Barry Farrimond