Wrap up of current spoilers - updated June 15

14 June Brian is on the warpath and Joy makes an unfortunate mistake.
15 June Adam struggles with the consequences of his actions and Lynda does some digging.
16 June Lilian attempts to build bridges and Helen comes clean.
17 June Tension mounts at Home Farm and Phoebe faces a crisis.

21 June Lee struggles to keep a secret and Shula faces a potentially tricky situation.
22 June Brian attempts to keep the peace and the Grundys hatch a plan.
23 June Rex issues a warning and Neil comes to an arrangement.
24 June Alistair raises concerns and Justin digs for dirt.

28 June Lily regrets her actions and Vince makes his presence felt.
29 June Rex offers a shoulder and Freddie comes to the rescue.
30 June Elizabeth receives a surprising visitor and Lily has a confession to make.
01 July Russ unveils a surprise and Elizabeth is honest about her feelings.

Radio Times Ambridge Diary June 14-17
Brian has quite a history of worming his way out of trouble (remember the poisoning of the Am?), so it’s no surprise to find that after making a shock discovery, he tries to pin the blame on an innocent bystander. But with the Aldridge clan already on shaky ground, will Brian’s ruse result in their standing in the village plummeting even further?
At Beechwood, Joy is babysitting Henry and Jack to give Lee and Helen a rare night out. But you can expect Joy to be left mortified when she makes an unfortunate error - all of which leads to her and Helen having to cover up the mishap. Let’s hope it’s nothing to do with Lee’s precious superhero figures, eh?

Thanks to fleetingeileenm of ‘The Archers in Mustardland’

Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update June 14-17
Brace yourselves: another shocking discovery is heading Ambridge’s way this week. Just how much more of this can we - and that cursed clan - take? No sooner have the empty bottles, the broken glass and the emotional damage been cleared away from one Aldridge disaster, than another one rears its ugly head. Make sure to stay out of Brian’s way as he looks to pin the blame on anyone not called Aldridge in sight. You have been warned.
Over at Beechwood, the unconvincing alliance between Helen and Lee is put under strain when Joy does a spot of babysitting and makes a mistake.
Meanwhile, Phoebe digs in her heels when things get a bit out of hand at the rewilding site, and another Ambridger - already in trouble - digs an even bigger hole.

Thanks to Maggiesaes of ‘The Archers in Mustardland’

Radio Times Ambridge Diary June 21-24
Alice is once again the focus of the week’s drama, when she turns up at the stables and makes a potentially dangerous request. Her plan leaves Shula with a difficult situation to deal with, while Alistair also raises concerns.
Already struggling under the weight of his secret, things become even messier for Adam when a friend is put under pressure to lie for him. With Ian making plans for their future, will Adam dig himself an even bigger hole?
At Ambridge View, Chris and Martha’s presence continues to be a strain, while over at Grange Farm, Eddie’s limo is proving to be a drain on the family’s finances - until someone spots a golden opportunity.

Thanks to PinaGrigio of ‘Peet’s Mustardland’

Credits June 14-17
Writers … Caroline Harrington & Adrian Flynn
Directors … Peter Leslie Wild, Kim Greengrass
Editor … Jeremy Howe
Brian Aldridge … Charles Collingwood
Phoebe Aldridge … Lucy Morris
Helen Archer … Louiza Patikas
Lilian Bellamy … Sunny Ormonde
Lee Bryce … Ryan Early
Rex Fairbother … Nick Barber
Joy Horville … Jackie Lye
Adam Macy … Andrew Wincott
Lynda Snell … Carole Boyd
Roy Tucker … Ian Pepperell
Peggy Woolley … June Spencer

Credits June 21-24
Writers … Sarah McDonald-Hughes & Nick Warburton
Director … Kim Greengrass
Editor … Jeremy Howe
Brian Aldridge … Charles Collingwood
Lee Bryce … Ryan Early
Alice Carter … Hollie Chapman
Neil Carter … Brian Hewlett
Susan Carter … Charlotte Martin
Ian Craig … Stephen Kennedy
Justin Elliott … Simon Williams
Rex Fairbother … Nick Barber
Clarrie Grundy … Heather Bell
Eddie Grundy … Trevor Harrison
Shula Hebden- Lloyd … Judy Bennett
Alistair Lloyd … Michael Lumsden
Adam Macy … Andrew Wincott
Lynda Snell … Carole Boyd