Wrap up of current spoilers updated May 23

25 May David reflects on life at Brookfield and Josh considers his place in the family.
26 May Harrison struggles to strike the correct tone and Tracy launches her manifesto.
27 May Josh faces some tough decisions and it’s the day of reckoning for Harrison.
28 May David attempts to restore peace at Brookfield and Josh makes his choice.

01 June Emma attempts to balance life and Ben gets an unexpected history lesson.
02 June Susan puts her foot in it and Ed prepares for battle.
03 June Susan faces the consequences and Ben hits the jackpot.
04 June Emma’s mind begins to race.

08 June Helen receives an unexpected invitation and Tom’s plan causes controversy.
09 June Johnny makes a radical decision and Natasha is on a slippery slope.
10 June Helen has a change of heart and Tom struggles to understand the world around him.
11 June Tony digs himself a hole.

Radio Times Ambridge Diary May 25-28
First things first - coronavirus will feature in the new landscape. There are contemplative scenes as David sits atop Lakey Hill and reflects how the village has changed. And we’ll also hear how Ambridge is coming to the aid of its most vulnerable residents, as Susan wrangles volunteers to deliver supplies. There may be no local cricket, but Tracy and Harrison are still vying to be team captain.
As ever, though, family dynamics remain at the heart of the drama. And the Brookfield Archers are the first to take centre stage. Relations are strained between father and son after the forage harvester breaks while Josh is driving it. He insists the malfunction isn’t his fault and feels his parents treat him differently from his siblings. Will he and David be able to sort out their differences?

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Daily Mail Weekend Magazine Archers Update April May 25-28
Two of Ambridge’s trickier customers dominate this week. Tracy Horrobin goes flat out in her war against Harrison Burns. It’s a risky move for a Horrobin, as the flame-haired copper has shown no qualms in the past about snapping the cuffs on any Ambridger inclined to overstep the mark - and overstepping the mark is hard-wired into the Horrobin DNA. Tracy is determined to overthrow Harrison as captain of the cricket team and, this week, shares her thoughts on her bid for power.
Josh, another Ambridger to have fallen foul of the law, has a problem with the forage harvester - an event which stirs up some bitter sibling rivalry. Meanwhile, David sits on Lakey Hill and reflects on the invisible enemy that we now all face.

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Credits May 25-28
Writers, Adrian Flynn & Keri Davies
Director, Kim Greengrass
Editor, Jeremy Howe
David Archer … Timothy Bentinck
Josh Archer … Angus Imrie
Harrison Burns … James Cartwright
Tracy Horrobin … Susie Riddell

Credits June 1-4
Writers …… Nick Warburton & Sarah McDonald-Hughes
Director …… Marina Caldarone
Editor …… Jeremy Howe
Ben Archer … Ben Norris
Emma Grundy … Emerald O’Hanrahan
Ed Grundy … Barry Farrimond
Susan Carter … Charlotte Martin

Credits June 8-11
Writers …… Tim Stimpson & Daniel Thurman
Director …… Marina Caldarone
Editor …… Jeremy Howe
Helen Archer …… Louiza Patikas
Tom Archer …… William Troughton
Natasha Archer …… Mali Harries
Tony Archer …… David Troughton
Johnny Phillips …… Tom Gibbons


So when does Kirsty not get married this time ?


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I bet she does get married and she then finds the truth about the workers

What a happy honeymoon that will

Think of the long talks about this with Hellqueen


“Slanting upwards under the ribs. Oh, Helen, and I thought you grew up on a farm!”


Updated May 23.

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