Yoko: "…leap of faith…"


…yep, just like most of the “as ifs” we’ve come to expect in TA…

…for what it’s worth, I think (hope) Wosie hates PoopSquit’s guts! (…yes, bring it on!)


What does Ruth - or David for that matter - know of nurseries? Jill took care of the Brookfield children.


Maybe even Ruth can see - although not admit out loud - that the commercial sector couldn’t do a worse job.


The manipulative minx that Pip is has managed to make Ruth feel guilty (did you notice Ruth pronounced it with a T this time, odd as she usually says ‘guil’ee’, but I digress) about Rosie by saying something like, ‘Oh, so it’s all Rosie’s fault is it?’ when being chided about neglecting her farm work.

And Ruth was stupid enough to fall for it instead of replying, ‘No, you stupid woman, I do not expect Rosie to milk the cows. That is your job. As is Rosie. You chose to have her. So do both.’

Oh, and we had a ‘C’m here’, didn’t we. Is that barf barrel full? I think I need it.


I’m sure BrokeFailed Varm is waist-deep in dropped consonants & glottals so I’m hardly surprised!!!


They had a fairly well-balanced system in place until Pip’s voice broke. She used go round collecting WR’s dropped consn’n’s to inserT aT the endS oF wordS.

PS - Not heard yesterday’s or today’s yet. Should I bother?


…be it on yer own head! (…we warned you!)


On the Fishly Beaufort it was about a 6, Strong Breeze. Large branches in motion; whistling heard in telegraph wires; umbrellas used with difficulty.