You've spent days honing your deathless prose…


…to be declaimed before what is almost certain to be the largest congregation ever gathered in St Stephen’s (this is the baptism of an Archer, after all—and a Brookfield Archer, at that).

Why the feck wouldn’t you have it written down??


Indeed, but I’m extremely grateful she didn’t or we’d have had to hear it!

Or perhaps she had and fled leaving a trail of index cards in her wake. I’d love to think of Jim scooping them up and snorting as he read each one. However improbable it was that he’d be there, I rather like the thought of him hounding her like Nemesis, shouting ‘Oath-breaker!’ at her every time her sees her.


Oh Janie, I wish


In what passes for RL, a Noo Poet Laureate is about to be chosen…

Just sayin’





Are they ? Gosh.

Won’t Carol-Anne Duffy be missed !! She’s done such tremendous work. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Not if I’m aiming


It has seemed like a long 10 years…

Mind you, I am trying to listen to the Academic Archers thing on YouTube, & not doing very well with that, either…



Passed over again. I see that the message of my audition piece (“Tseep: My Bruvver Knows Where Your Kids Go To School”) was lost on the selection committee. Not for long.


Of course it’s not a job to everyone’s taste…


It shoulda been me.

Just sayin’


Would just saying “no thanks” have been beyond him ?

Mind you, what effin’ eejit nominated him ?

“Mr. Farage, would you be interested in replacing Mr. Junker ?”


I wouldn’t be so sure of the answer to the last question…