A good week in a way

“Oh?”, I hear you cry, “And why might that be?”

No bluddy Henwy, that’s why.


The tape of “Awwight” is broken from over-use. (I know things are digital now, but the idea of Hennwy being corrupted is more than I can stomach).

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“Awwight… Awwight… Blood and souls for my infernal master… Awwight…”


…but not that good a week…
I didn’t do the washing up last night. Thought of sticking the kitchen radio on while I tackled it this morning, realised The Archers would be on and thought ‘sod that for a game of soldiers’. Whether that says more about TA or my slatternliness I leave you to determine.

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Pip messing up cheered me but less so as she has - so far - managed successfully to cover up her incompetence. Please, please let her be outed. And let there be some cost if only the slipping of her halo.

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