A masterly summation


Good to hear the infuriating Kirsty on the receiving end of a few home truths for once.
‘Your’re a woman pushing forty who spends half her life wiping other people’s sweat of gym equipment and the other paddling around in streams with a bunch of crusties’ (as well as freeloading off the fool Sphagnum).

Gavin didn’t mention her propensity to be forever sniffing around at the margins of other peoples’ dramas, but then he doesn’t yet know her that well.


I knew you’d enjoy that, Gus, I was about to post something similar. Stupid, stupid woman, taking Helen’s advice. That’ll teach her, except it won’t.

Will she go whining to Philip about how mean nasty Gavin was to her?


I think Gavin wins “bestest line of episode” for tonight (January Fecund), and after enduring WeepingPheebles (…or perhaps that should read PheebleWeeping), wotta relief! (…and I bet that one didn’t come from the StympletonTrypeWryter)


Caroline Harrington.


And now Grabbin’s been taught the error of his ways. I wonder how that conversation went?

“Look, just ring her and sound apologetic and I’ll pop the thirty grand in your account tomorrow”


Why, joe, it is almost as if you had been there…

And why is it becoming a trope that Kirsty evinces concern when Moss is up a ladder? Happened several times now. Maybe they will become joyfully betrothed (bagsy first dibs on the bucket for that one) and then gravity will step in (Philip having somehow failed to grasp that it is the Darwin, rather than Newton, awards that come out about this time of year). That would be enjoyable.


Gravity… is a harsh mistress.


For once, a SL I’d be delighted to see recycled.