A public apology to JustJanie


My dear, we are terribly sorry. Not only is your country of residence from time to time used as a dustbin for the dregs of Ambridge, but you must even now be bracing yourself for an incursion of the flakier royals. It seems very unfair, somehow. I hope poor Miss Heidi won’t be too distressed.


It’s absolutely true because I read it in the

actually it wasn’t the Daily Mail. It was the Sun. A very reliable source…


I am joining the group apology

I am even ready to grovel to Heidi


…me two! …me fwee! …me fowyer! …me fife! …me sox! (…wotchit Sturmey! - Ed)

PS: I think MissHeidi would get on fine wiv me two cell-mates! (FatMan & FatterMan, a.k.a. MrHopalong & GeneralPatton (a.k.a. Georgie))


's all right, Gus, it’s a big country. As my dear old pa-in-law is no longer with us, I won’t be bumping into them on Vancouver Island, though it is very beautiful.

As for her Heidiness, she considers she outranks them and won’t be in the least bothered as long as her own servant(s) serve in a satisfactory manner. Which isn’t always the case. There’s not nearly enough grub dished up not nearly often enough as far as she is concerned.


Which, of course, she does ;- )


While I was nosily checking where they had been staying on Vancouver Island I noted once again how much I love that the local newspaper is called ‘The Times Colonist’.


I believe recent cutbacks mean the journalists now have to check their own punctuation