A word to Edweird…

'Oi dunno about being 'orrible to yer Mum, 'oi thinks it’s the bloody SWs you should be 'orrible to… :pensive:


Agreed: the Ed/Clarrie exchanges were spewktastic in the extreme. As well as just plain bloody DAFT.


He has reached the age of thirty-five (at the end of last month) without ever really giving a toss about having hurt his mother’s precious feelings (though like William he has always been brought into line by the threat of “upsetting your mother” from Joe or Eddie) or saying sorry for the umptimillion times he has messed her about and been horrible to her.

But no doubt this one time will outweigh all the others. We are supposed to like this feckless cock-led crothound.

Meanwhile the fact that William has been unfailingly caring about the wretched crone is completely reduced to nothing by his having lost his temper over her betrayal which meant that he lost his child and became suicidal, then lost his job and his house as well. Shouting at her for that means he is a Bad Unforgivable Son, and that’s the end of him.


While that sounds splendid to the inner ear, dere Fishy, and is gloriously apt, it is remarkably difficult to enunciate at speed.

Go on, try it.


I tried it before I wrote it down, Gus. I was feeling Anglo Saxon at the time, all alliterative and that.