Achieved so far today


Go on. Where in Hertfordshire ??

I’ll get my coat.


Oh … & those geese. They can break your arm y’know.


Seems I’m in a kingfisher hotspot - 2 fishing this afternoon :grinning: When we first moved in we were surrounded by common gulls and their chicks. They were very aggressive.


Nah, that’s swans. AND they mug you for oatcakes and cruise around being menacing and white and really quite large. Well, I did upset this particular pair inadvertently, and they were barren, which left them with a lot of time to plot revenges and humiliation and swannery.
They didn’t break my arm. Just - nearly - my spirit. And et me out of oatcakes. And just - well, loomed. Loomed swanlily :fearful:


“Well jel” as the kids say.

I was pretty chuffed having a Green Woodpecker in the garden last week but blimey. Kingfishers beat it.


I do miss my garden birds. I’d swap the kingfishers for all the little buggers demanding food any day. And a green woodpecker is something special :yum:


It was a first. Very welcome.

We are blessed by a huge variety of generally standard enough birds. Did you know that birds have specific feeding times. We get invaded 3 times a day.

Blue Tits, Coal Tits, Greenfinches, Chaffinches, Robins, Wrens, Sparrows, Blackcaps, Blackbirds, Thrushes, Woid Pigeons, Magpies all arrive daily. Jays now & then. A beautiful pair of Nuthatches last year but not yet this.

We had an invasion of Redpolls for 2 montbs a couple of years ago … bullies they are and the smaller birds took to the bottom of the garden. It’s taken a while to get them back to the top end.

Talking of bullies, we get the Sparrowhawk still. Usually only spotted by seeing feathers all over the garden but viewed now & again.

We get squirrels too. Bloody nuisances they are.

Last year badgers made a mess of the lawn as they burrowed about. One went for me one night as I took something down to the compost heap.

We hear foxes most nights. Never seen one so far.

Plus late night t’twit, t’woo’s are heard … did you know that noise takes 2 birds to make ?

I like my garden.


Blasted Foxes parade like ‘Head Sir Rag’ down my road in Chesterfield


3 of my neighbours feed them…

Sigh & Spit



Nature is certainly good for the soul. Disconnection from the world we live in is, I’m convinced, the cause of many of today’s problems.

Before we moved we had a double whammy with woodpeckers. A Great Spotted fed a fledgling at the feeding station outside the kitchen window and a Green Woodpecker introduced his fledgling to anthills in the lawn.


Yep. When this one turned up last week hopping and pecking merrily on the lawn I looked up their habits. Apparently, the book said, they eat ants, ants and more ants.

I’d cut the lawn and skimmed to top of an ant’s nest. I guess that was what attracted it.


I have been known to feed a fox. In town. Pore fing, it was a young skinny one. It has either foxed up or gone and died somewhere.


D’you like it? I painted him that colour. Improved his flavour.


This evening I was minding my own business at my desk, with front and back doors open to give the gamers a through draught, when a small grey person came in yowling for attention in a very Burmese voice, so I went round to see who it was and shut the front door for a bit rather than let it come in. It was a grey cat which looked very like the one who has been lost for a month, so instead of telling it to be about its business, go home you silly animal, I encouraged it in and then rang the owners, who left a sad “have you seen our cat?” note through the door a month or more ago.

And it was indeed their missing cat! He is skeletally thin and rather dehydrated (he drank a lot of water once he had decided he forgave us for capturing him) and he should go to a vet for a check-up, I should think, but he is back – six years to the day after he entered their lives as the groom’s present to the bride.

I am so happy I could burst!

So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?

That’s really immensely heartwarming & you deserve a glass or 3 of Summat Nice



Oh Fish. St Gertrude, among others, will be smiling upon you for quite a while for that. Weeping like a fool thinking how very happy the cat’s people must be. And how fortunate the silly cat is to have found you as opposed to its own way back home. Furry retard.
Hurrah for Fanta!

Now off to shove a tablet into the front, sharp bitey end of my neglected unloved and maltreated mog.

Again, hurrah! for Fanta. That was a very good thing to have done and you deserve a large one of whatever strikes you as a good idea. Served with grateful purrage.


How wonderful. The owners must be bursting with happiness just like you! What an excellent reason for leaving your front door open for any passing burglar !!!


Well done Fanta ! that makes you my ‘Bank Holiday Weekend Hero/ine’ for your kindness to missing moggies, I can’t imagine how grateful his family must have been. You will have made their year let alone their weekend :grinning:


The owners wuz weeping at us too. All very coo ur gosh all round.


I think, judging by their state of dressedness, that they may have been in bed and not heard him outside, to be fair to the cat; we may have been the nearest lighted door he was able to come and shout in through.

Today I have achieved nothing of note, though we had a good pub-lunch before the gamers all went home.


6 years … to the day ? Interesting.