Achieved so far today


I’ve got a Maytag fridge freezer and it’s certainly a space guzzler but the chilled filtered water and buckets of ice have served us and the dogs well over the years.


Of course, what is really wanted is an ice and chilled tonic water dispenser…

All very desirable, but alas the water supply here precludes such luxury - our water is from a well and of a hardness I would not have believed but for the evidence of my own eyes. Anything that it runs through is furred up almost instantly; kettles had to be descaled at least weekly when we used tap water. Ice makers are out of the question. On bottles at the mo, while trying to source a reliable filtration system that isn’t going to bankrupt us; apparently what we need is akin to industrial systems…


Good heavens! That sounds like a gigantic challenge. I wonder how long it would take you to make your very own stalactite?


One dripping tap and a weekend away ought to do it…


Be honest. What you really want, is your own pub with a never-ending supply of drinks and food…
Oh no. Sorry that’s me.


And so say all of us…



As a Lazy Bird, wot I want is someone else’s pub just next door.


As it happens I did live next door to a pub up to a few years ago…


Yesterday emptied ALL the lounge cupboards. I literally cannot believe what we found and what we’ve kept.

Then had to move heavy teak furniture into the centre of the room. That was not what I was put on this Earth for !!

There was dust, cobwebs and dead flies & ‘diders’, as the kids used to call them, which beggared belief.

The Lord only knows how the carpet fitters will manage next Wednesday. I’m off to warn them now.

However, down the back of one, in it’s “Keep in a safe place” envelope were #1 son’s lost GCCE, A Level, Special Awards, Cambridge Degree, French Certificate as Practitioner of Law and Sorbonne degree certificates. Mrs S. surprisingly, is of tbe view that this made it all worth it.

I’m more interested in how the Hell he came to lose them.


Put them into the top of a slightly-too-full drawer, such that when it was next opened they were pushed backwards by the drawer-top, fell out of it down the back and thence to the floor?


I guess it has to be that. Unless he felt “a safe place” was “behind a set of furniture so heavy & cumbersome it would be moved only once in a generation”. In which case he overachieved.

Did you know that such documents can’t/won’t be reissued ? The authorities will provide a letter confirming that a person of that name with Date of Birth of xxx took these exsms and attained these results … but no new certificates will ne drawn up.

One must assume some considerable experiences of fraud led to that decision.


“so heavy & cumbersome it would be moved only once in a generation”

Are we talking Lilian, here? Only this is the wrong thread.


Sometimes life imitates art.

This may be one of those occaions !! :rofl::joy:


Learned a new tune on this.

All the way from Nova Scotia, and made from Canadian maple.

I was going out to count barnacles later, but it’s still too rough. Oh, the excitement.


That is a thing of beauty, Ftc.


Very nice! D or Eb?

Maybe we should introduce our respective “families”…


I should of course stress that the Grundys are not the family I’m advocating introducing.


D. Don’t have much use for an E flat. They do a C flute though that I could certainly use.


A question for The Committee.

Why do “Penny Whistles” cost upwards of £10.?
Please mark your answers in order of preference

Please Answer YES or NO


It is indeed. Bird’s Eye maple, heat treated for stability and light as a feather. Plays beautifully too, even for me returning after not much playing for decades. All their flutes that I’ve heard and seen have been highly covetable.

I do like an interesting piece of wood. The Tyrolean harp in my avatar has the column and neck in a striking flame birch. It also sounds superb. I couldn’t sacrifice sound to appearance. But if I can have appearance as well as sound, so much the better.