Achieved so far today

  1. Tuning
  2. Tuning
  3. Tuning



Though if I ever move to Scotland I might get one because the pipes are tuned in A flat I think.


Bluddy glad I don’t live above that flat.


They tune them?

owowowstoppit. As I have said before somewhere or other on this board, I bluddy love bagpipes. But it’s kind of obligatory to have a pop when a large target presents itself. Something which has got me into a deal of trouble over the years.


Excellent stufg. It’s been a while but flute, piccolo and oboe were my instruments what got me out of French.


Not often enough in some cases. Don’t know if it’s particularly difficult. They don’t use the same scale as the piano either. That’s a compromise in which most of notes are actually a bit out of tune, but it’s what we’re all used to these days.


Excellent stuff. It’s been a while but flute, piccolo and oboe were my instruments what got me out of French. Bless "em.


In other news. Carpets laid today !. Yay.

By gum the 2 guys worked hard.

Job now is to decide what is returned, what put away & what gets thrown.

Only the internal doors and that’s the lot till the kitchen in the new year. Can relax a bit. It’s been ongoing for 6 months so far.


It sounds really lovely



Thank you. It’s just a relief to get so much done. Next time I won’t wait so long.


If my Molly lived in your house she’d have a ceremonial wee on each new carpet. Which is why we’re never without a bottle of the wonderful Dr Beckman’s carpet cleaner. Be prepared for Mollys!!


If a Molly turns up at my door, partularly one looking like it needs to spend a penny, I shall contact Dr. Beckman forthwith.


Today and tomorrow I have to prepare for the Autumn Equinox barbecue. So far I have made a List and crossed off one item: I have dealt with all the pillow-cases left in the main room after being dried, from last time the house was full plus a couple of weeks of our own pillowcases; twenty ironed and put away. (I like ironed pillow-cases; OH doesn’t; I iron them. Seems fair.)

Now I must do the rest of that List.

Tidy the main room:
put the shoeboxes waiting to be used to post goodies to Sudden Daughter into one large box
take the four cardboard boxes which are lying about waiting to be useful and put them into the attic
sweep the stairs, which come down into that room
put all the chairs up onto the table and set loose the Roomba

Make up a bed for the person staying on Friday night and sort out a towel and a water-by-the-bed bottle for her

Make up a bed for the person staying on Saturday night (or at least, put a duvet and two pillows into covers ready to be swapped onto the bed) and sort out a towel and a water-by-the-bed bottle for him

Clear the kitchen so it can be used for a large preparation

Go to the dentist at 5pm for 5:30pm.

If I manage all that I am doing well. I don’t want to leave it all to be done tomorrow, because if I do I shall be a rag by the time I go to fetch our Friday night guest tomorrow evening.


Good luck with that little lot, Fish, and with the dentist. I feel a little ragged just reading about it. Mind you, to achieve less than I have done so far today/this week/this month, I would need to be reclassified as a sedimentary rock


I forgot about making flapjacks for and writing to Sudden Daughter, which is what I am doing at the moment; when the flapjacks are in I shall do the stairs, because that gives an End to the staircleaning.


Repeat after me.

There is no end to staircleaning.
There is no end to staircleaning.


Yes. That seems reasonable to me.

So Hi, Rocky. How’s it going?


Does making me smile, laugh and, sometimes, wince not count, Gus?
Soo xx


Bog off, Lucy. Spend more time with yer thermals - and leave innocent Pangols alone.


Wince? Oh dear. Only the bad peotry, I hope. Thank you, though, for giving me somethign to put down on the ‘Done’ list. You have expanded it by an infinite percentage :wink: