Achieved so far today


Not the poetry, Gus (i lurve that). More when you say things I can only imagine having the wit and/or courage to spout. Brava, Maestra!
I have achieved shopping, today.
Soo xx


What a brave and diigent Bee you are. Is it uncomfortable, the homeward dance, with the bags strapped to your thighs?

I wrote myself down as Excused Shopping, owing to sudden onset idiopathic lameness. And congenital idleness. But Mrs B. needs more of her posh Canadian kibble, so I shall have to venture forth tomorrow. Cue downpours, hurricanoes, winds cracking cheeks, etc. It’s being so cheerful that keeps me going, wee Bee. Gxx


Yes, the bag-strapping shenanigans is very hampering, Gus. Thankfully, a gentle wind was behind me and I landed without cracking a bottle.
So - this lameness. What’s that about?
Soo xx


As long as you got the important stuff home. :slight_smile:


Would anybody like me to post some Pangolin recipes?


Evening All

I achieved getting home today, just after 3pm, but have been lying on the sofa a lot since

I have a cold, &, I suspect, an incipient ear infection. The flight back made me clutch my head, so am feeling abit delicate, & may need an Medicinal Summat

Will have to check if I actually have an Medicinal Summat in the house, there’s no milk, so I will have to go & get some



Home is good and I am glad to hear it.

Medicinals should be available in the Cellar…


Welcome home, Carinthia. Very nice to have you back. :slightly_smiling_face:


I am sorry that you are feeling low, Carinthia and hope that your time away has been, on balance, A Good Thing.
OH and I had our 'flu jabs, today. His was NHS subsidised and mine cost £12.99. We bumped into acquaintances shortly after (in Tesco, buying essentials for Ullapool, a week on Saturday) and we mentioned that we had had our jabs. The female said that she wasn’t sufficiently old to have the jab, the male said he’d had it (he’s 68), but didn’t believe in it. I asked the female if she felt that being below 65 meant that 'flu immunisation was too costly. She said that it was. FFS.
Soo xx


I am always painfully astonished at the amount of work involved in typesetting and printing a full score and set of orchestral parts, even for a short piece (ca. 10’)

After a week of no sleep and fecking up my eyesight, they are printing, ready for delivery to the NSO - just need to check how many string parts they need.

Then there’s just a couple of ensemble pieces and two operas to do. I used to wonder why I never seemed to have time to get back to my own composition…

Industrial quantities of restorative gin and beer may be in order this evening.


…after redoing all the parts because a glitch in converting the musx files to pdf introduced a spurious page so the recto and verso - including all the carefully planned page turns - are completely arseways. Which of course wase only discovered after doing a full print run.


Organises Industrial Quantities of everything

I can’t ‘Like’ your Post, Joe, 'cos I am wincing in sympathy

I have unpacked, abit, but still spent a lot of time flumped on the sofa



At least Aldi is only a five minute drive, so I can stock upon extra supplies without delaying the emergency medication too long.



I Mustardmitt to buying some Brandy with the milk last night

I haven’t set foot outside today, & don’t intend to



It’s a disgrace that they don’t do doorstep deliveries, Dahlink. Hope that flumphing on the sofa has suitably restorative effects and that the cold and ear trouble is receding.


Oh fuckadoodledoo, joe. The ‘like’ was of course meant to indicate gibbering empathy, not malign delight. Hope the medication does whatever is needful.

The smell of freshly printed magazines still sets me rocking and whimpering. I have this talent, you see. I can pick one out of the box, open to a random page and find the thundering great literal or - worse - cock-up of substance that everyone including me missed before we said ‘Print!’. And that was just easy stuff, letters…

I do still feel bad about the lie I told my daughter when inveigling her to learn to read music: 'Oh come on darling, it’s only eight letters to remember, not 26 : so easy …'
Mind you, the bugger could sight-read like a dream, once upon a time


Evenin’ Rocky.


I hope everybody has had a good day.

Soo. I was pestered by a large bumble-bee this afternoon it was quite dopey in what little sun, but the annoying little buzzer just wouldn’t bogie off. Not you was it? :slight_smile:


And this composer simply doesn’t do “easy”…


Is this something GCHQ should be interested in?