Achieved so far today


After you with the medicinals bai


Right. I want you all to remember. Just for alibi purposes.

“Twobers was here, but now he’s gone”

Goodnight people.


If it was annoying it cannot possibly have been Our Soo. Nor, I rather doubt, a bumblebee: they are enchanting, not annoying.


At this time of year, Queen Bumble- Bees are looking for good hibernation spots, Useders. We don’t alarm birdies, as a rule.
Soo xx


I have achieved: all the day-before-the-barbecue things.



That’s Very Good,Dunnock

I don’t half fancy a Barbecue ATM…



Werl, you know where we are.



I can’t ATM

I expect the Trebuchet to be active tomorrow




I’m sure you’re right about it looking for somewhere to hibernate. I read earlier this year, that people were reporting that B-Bees seemed rather scarce. Not around here they weren’t. They’re far more friendly to people (who leave them alone) than wasps or hornets are, too.


I think it was staying around me, because I was wearing a red rugby shirt - probably attracted by the colour.
I wouldn’t have worn it had I known… Mind you, I did look good… As always. :sunglasses:


We forgive you. Just.

Meanwhile I too have Achieved everything on my list, plus a forty-mile round trip to fetch last night’s guest, and then the one who was coming tonight can’t make it (damaged his arm, which is in a sling and “Not to be moved”, poor man) so I needn’t have been clever and got his pillows and duvet prepared, drat it. Oh well. I’ll be sorry he isn’t here, I like him.


Carinthia, I’d better send you some goatburgers now rather than try to remember later.





Thank-you, Dunnock

I does like a good Goatburger

Actually, I like most homemade Burgers



At last, after a week of increasingly fraught phone calls and emails between composers, performers and airlines, I have managed to arrange a trip to Stuttgart in November. Trouble is, of necessity, it’s a sodding day trip; fly out from Dublin 10.15, back in Dublin at 22.25. I have done too much of this sort of thing over the years.

I really hope they serve decent beer on the train, because that’s where we’re going to be spending a fair chunk of the evening…


[quote=“joe, post:456, topic:50”]
it’s a sodding day trip; … I have done too much of this sort of thing over the years.[/quote]Ditto. Far better to be able to take in the city even if only for a night.

That said I flew in & out of Dublin on a monthly basis for 15 years and tried to stay over at least one night. I think I ate in every city restaurant South of the river at least twice.

I’m now far too portly !!


House refurbishment update.

Well … Phase one is all but finished. In the past month we’ve seen the Decorating done, Carpets laid, New lights fitted, Internal doors 4 or 9 done, but the difficult 4, 5 bedrooms & bathroom ones in a couple of weeks. That will then be that until it’s kitchen time.

A lot of “putting back” to do … added to a goodly amount of stuff NOT being put back … hence about half a dozen trips to the tip already, More to come. Plus re-fitting various pictures … I’m nervous of that as it’s not easy to pierce the walls here, as all are made off Ruabon Brick, which are engineered bricks and very, very hard and so don’t easily receive thin pointy things. The walls are currently pristine & I am nervous about breaking into them.

But one done & things which are staying put away I can sit back and breath a little easier.


to fly?


[quote=“Gus, post:459, topic:50”] to fly? [/quote]On Ryan Air, for sure.


Today I have thrown away two sets of electric scales which did not work (one gave random weights, the other ate batteries at the rate of two a week, which is absurd) and put in train the purchase of a new set for use when I make flapjacks; I have old-fashioned ones available in the kitchen

but for adding ingredients to a saucepan the electric ones are more convenient.


I have a set of ancient (1970s) brass shop weights quarter ounce, to 7lb and the balance scales they went with

I suppose the brass is worth a lot more as scrap these days.