Achieved so far today


Meet Bruce - a slightly surprisingly sudden to the family. Total sweetie who Molly pug is thrilled to welcome into the household tho old dear Betty is reserving judgement.


Goodness! What a poppet. I take it he will grow into his ears?


A sudden puppy

… &/or

A surprising puppy.

Bravo. Welcome Bruce


Daughter has wanted a Frenchie for years and we discovered a breeder with a cancellation and puppy available immediately. They never grow into their ears, they’ll always look slightly ridiculous. As I’m available for house-training timing was good. It’s going to be fun(ish) !!!


Mine. Ooh squeee, ooh squiffle… Am pining for a 14-wk French Bulldog who is probably still pining for my handbag. Lovely wee sausage of fatness wtih a Face and Big Ears and a Ridiculous Hinder End and a completely sunny silly puppy personality. Waaah.


Mrs B Cat says ‘Hers’ too, but I don’t think benignly.


My dog would love Bruce. One of her friends we often meet whilst I’m walking her and his owner is walking him. Is a Frenchie (less than a year old).


Oh dear. I’m remembering how bloody knackering it is watching a puppy like a hawk and scooping it up to go outside and perform there. He made an impressive effort to poo outside by using the windowsill, so I think progress is being made!


But just think of the quick responses and state of alertness you’ll have by the time Bruce is house-trained. :grinning:


That would be nice, but I suspect this is more like it


Perfect… And that’s just after week #1 :laughing:


Have - and not before time, I can tell you - stripped bed, turned mattress* and remade bed and found and vacuumed the otter.

*sustaining no damage that a spot of voltarol won’t see right, but thank you for asking…


The otter?


Indeed. The otter. Doesn’t everyone have an otter somewhere about the house? < grin >


In a word, no.


Shocking that such deprivation exists…

This is the otter in question, about to be hoofed out of Mrs B. Cat’s cat-tree…


Wanna otter!


Saw two hedgepigs while driving home. Not much of an achievement, but mine own.


House update.

The final 5 internal doors are now fitted. A little topping & tailing tomorrow & that’s the projects completed* … until Phase 2.

It’s good to have a completely OCD craftsperson. He fits the doors so meticulously. Cleans & tidies after himself. Arrives on the dot of when he says he will … & I know this as I’ve seen that he’s actually a few minutes early each day and sits in his van.

He doesn’t stop for tea/coffee/water/gin or anything. Just arrives, knuckles down, sits in his van for 30m at 1pm precisely (& I MEAN ‘precisely’) despite me saying he can stay in the house.

I almost wish I had more doors needed doing.

*Mrs A. surprisingly mentioned the kitchen could do with painting, even though the kitchen IS Phase 2.


Mrs B. Cat says ‘No more knitting today, puny human!’


Gus… Mrs B. Cat is quite beautiful …but there is a clear message in those eyes … you are not getting that knitting needle back anytime soon !! at least not until she’s bored with it :grinning::grinning::grinning: