Achieved so far today


Isn’t she just?


Yes, LadySusan, that is one of her ‘Come on if you think you’re hard enough’ looks. I on the whole am not. She had finished chewing the hell out of the end of the needle by then but was going to hold on to it loosely ready for tugs of war and vigorous dispute if I tried to reclaim it.

Howevva, that is a double-ended needle from a populous nest. So I thwarted her and continued with the little piece of flat knitting it was being used for. She chucked her needle on the floor and naffed off in disgust after a while.


I know that look well :grinning: My own feline pampered prince has a version of that look, luring you in before ripping you to shreds !! Mr Janie is the only one that I know that has stuck it out long enough for Conrad (the pampered prince) to get bored first and walk away, like you, I am not hard enough :smiley_cat:


Mr Janie is impervious to pain. No that sounds wrong. I mean he is stubborn enough to put up with the pain rather than let Conrad win the battle. Most people are scared off by a bit of blood. Can’t imagine why.


No one is judging you here, Janie :wink:


Awww. Sending respectful caresses to His Conradity.
And to Her Heidiness, of course.
Must get Mrs B.'s pill and syringe of cat milk chaser lined up while she’s not looking - laters!


They can’t touch you for it, Missus!

Soo xx


Today the blind for my bedroom arrived.

I’m sure they are easy to fit, if you already know exactly how to do it!

Still, Hedgers heaved and I shoved and we got it into place eventually; now all I need to establish is whether it will suddenly go up into the air during the night. I have left it down, and will see whether it has escaped with a “clop” noise up to the ceiling by the time I go to bed.


Did you not ask the blind man from the village?


Dawn French strikes agsin Joseph. Bravo.


I’ve been doing a lot of homework on kitchens and am seriously interested in d-i-y kitchens. Highly recommended by kitchen fitters, they just have a single showroom and don’t offer all the design services and add-ons, and the units are delivered fully assembled. You and the surprising Mrs Shanks may be interested in whiling away the winter doing some competitive designing. Second best, which have showrooms, is Benchmarks.


What an excellent plan; do they also do floors? The person who was here before us considered that very solid tile was the best flooring for a kitchen, and after the umpteenth “Goodbye!” as anything was dropped (including knives, one of which has broken on impact) I am inclined to disagree very, very thoroughly. The trouble would be digging it out, I suspect.


Any websites, contact details etc. gratefully recieved Marj.

Evidently benchmarx supply Wickes and tho the public can visit their showrooms the purchase has to be made by a tradesman. Moneysavingexpert has some useful discussions.


Thanks. I will have a good look at that.


I now have awkward and expensive thoughts about replacing the three very tatty old units at the far end of the kitchen corridor, whose handles are decidedly duff, with some new ones. Luckily the legs put me off: the present units don’t have those little feet on them, but go right down to the ground with a wooden “skirt” at the bottom, and I am fairly open to the suggestion that the tiles don’t go under them to the wall, just up to their edge, judging by the fitted wardrobe in one room which turned out to be sitting on the concrete flooring with carpet to its edges.


We went to view kitchens on Saturday having toyed with the idea of replacing our 30+ yr old one through late summer & autumn. Mrs. Shanks surprised me by arranging a man with a tape measure to come round & then to return to the store last evening to talk a man with a computer.

He showed us his computer. It was very nice.

We left with papers & plans and ideas … but minus a deposit. Maybe I should stop being surprised.


How many ovens? A boiling water tap? Come on, don’t just leave it there!!


2 ovens, both Neff with “hide & slide” doors. One combi-oven/microwave.

A 5 ring hob, an extractor that looks like it should be on Star Trek.

Full length fridge & full length freezer. No ice dispense … wondering about that.


As soon as I saw this thread had been posted on, I was hoping for a Surprising Mrs Shanks tale. Do keep us posted, Armers dear!

A friend’s terrier would be driven to frantic barking by the ice dispenser.